Living On $20,000 A Year

I found this great article on living frugally and thought it was a good read.

Do you avoid a lot of the expenses that many of your peers spend money on, such as technology and meals out?

For the most part, yes. I have a lower-end Android phone because I needed a new phone. I went as cheap as possible. I don’t own a car, I rely on public transportation, and sometimes biking. I have a laptop, because I need it for writing. I do have Internet access because it’s pretty important to get online. My only extra bill is Netflix, and I’m considering getting rid of that. I don’t go out to eat, or just for special occasions. I cook for every meal. I don’t drink coffee. I try to stick with water. I do go out to bars, but not every night. That’s my best way to meet people and experience cities.

What’s your typical meal?

I usually buy a pound of beef and a package of chicken and make easy Mexican dishes. I get some vegetables and mix it all together and throw it on a tortilla. I do a lot of pasta dishes. When I’m working, I usually pack a lunch, I make a sandwich plus chips or cookies to get me through the day. Then I get home and cook a fuller meal. I try to have a good mix [of food] so I don’t get sick. My brother taught me little tricks to take different ingredients around the house, like seasonings, to make a sauce that’s different and more unique, to give yourself different tastes.

What about clothes?

Once or twice a year, I might get a few new things, like an extra pair of jeans or pants, or a couple shirts, but I still have shirts I wore to college, so they’re six or seven years old or older. If a job requires certain clothes, then I’ll buy clothes for that. I maybe get one new pair of shoes a year and make them last as long as possible. I mostly shop at cheaper places, like thrift stores or Salvation Army or Goodwill. Those are good places to hit up.

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  1. All this sounds okay. Everyone has the things they will or will not spend money on but should anyone decide to buy used clothing or other goods, with the bed bug epidemic that seems to be spreading, it’s suggested that those clothes be brought in and put in the washer and dryer (or maybe it’s just the dryer, I can’t remember but I am sure Google does) before setting them down anywhere in the house.

  2. My hubby and I live on 12,000.00 a year and have no problems but we have no mortgage, a big garden, chickens for eggs and have enough entertainment right here on our homesead. Retired and glad to be out of the rat race. Especially, now that the S.H.T.F… I feel for the young adults and those folks who were depending heavily on 401K’s, etc. for retirement this decade… 🙁

  3. like the idea however; not on transit sys directly; live 15-20 miles from work own house so apt not opt; any suggestions

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