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Many of you will remember me covering this Small House a while ago, today I wanted to share some new photos that have become available of this great house built in Canada.  The major change is the owner gave up on sleeping on a yoga mat on a hard cement floor and splurged on a bed.  I only remember this because he was pretty proud of him sleeping on a yoga mat, then again, I don’t blame him for wanting a better nights rest. While the house may look big, it is technically only 566 square feet, but each floor has 17 foot ceilings.  This combined with large windows, a white pallet and minimalistic furnishings, makes this Small House seem very big.





  1. I love the chair/bed. Where can I buy one?

  2. Very cool, but aren’t you spending alot on heating a bunch of unused vertical space?

    • Great point, but it’s already such a diminutive space that, relatively speaking (relative to the avg 2400-ish sq.ft. home, you’re really not spending that much.

    • Given that the upper level is a loft, some of the heat would wind up there. Of course, the same vertical space, acting as a chimney, could help cool the space in the summer. Granted, in Canada, that’s not much of the year.

  3. I don’t get why architect/designer types are so enamored of stark white walls, battleship gray trim, bare concrete floors, and hard-edged furniture. No comfort or warmth anywhere. Cold, ugly, and off-putting. Sorry.

    • If you flip through the LineBox website, I believe that this style was the request of the homeowner. I have mixed feelings in regard to the styling.

      From the site:
      “”I wanted to re-create the large open spaces, industrial feel and raw materials of my loft in a home that was not in a building” – Client”

  4. I really like this nice little house, but it has a bit too much two-story space for the footprint, in my (never) humble opinion. Also, I don’t care for the ‘cage’ like closet.

  5. I think having the loft wastes too much space. Nothing wrong with a proper bedroom.

  6. Perhaps we should mention the enclosed cubic space as well as square footage for some of these houses. High ceilings are one thing but this is a lot of enclosed space that isn’t very usable. However, this is what the resident finds appealing so good for him. I wonder what the acoustics are like in there?

  7. I like the stain of the concrete floor, gives a bit of warmth to the space.Is there in-floor heating? Other than that, it’s just not my style, a bit tooo industrial.

  8. I think I would love this house very much if I was single. Nice design! However, I think I would prefer a proper bedroom too for my husband and I. 😉

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