LEGO Apartment

Today we have a really neat video of fully built concept that is the smallest legal single bedroom apartment that can be built in San Francisco.  I really like the table bench mechanism, but I have serious doubts about the bed.  One thing I have found is that those who sleep on futon style beds often never bring it back to a couch because its such a pain every day to put it up, then put it down, etc.  Otherwise I really like the concept and the development process where they had someone actually live in for a few weeks to test its usability.


  1. You know, I always thought I would include a wet bath in my tiny house. Until I saw that I always thought it was one of those ideas that was just so good, it must be done. After this though, I can’t help but question. You can either (a) wear shoes into the bath for a toilet trip, tracking we dirt everywhere outside, (b) wear stocking feet in, getting wet socks (ick!), or (c) go bearfoot, which will still get your feet wet and track through the rest of the house.

    I love it when I see things that make me think.

  2. I used to live in a space small enough that a futon couch/bed was the only option. Folded down it was big enough to make using the desk across the room from it unusable, because there was no room to pull the chair out.

    That space was so small I didn’t even fold the thing out unless I had to. If my girlfriend wasn’t over I just slept on it in couch mode, to make getting up less acrobatic.

    If the space is small enough you don’t have much of a choice about whether you fold it up in the day or not.

  3. It’s a clever space. And yet not for me, and not because of the size. Mainly because it seems very sterile, and, despite the beautiful view, claustrophobic. I like it when tiny houses of windows on more than one side… that opens things up for me. I agree about having to remake the bed into a couch each day. I used to have to do that and it was really a nuisance. Still… it’s clever. All a matter of taste, I suppose. I don’t enjoy apartment living anyway, so it makes sense that a tiny apartment would appeal less to me than some other tiny homes you have featured on this site.

  4. Great video, I like that they test these concepts out before implementing them en masse. The one real standout here for me was the idea of an appliance garage. Keep your counters clear, ugly appliances hidden and don’t worry about replacement appliances fitting. Great idea!

  5. I think it’s a great idea….yes, a seperate shower is a must and a bigger kitchen sink. I also think if one could fit a loft space for a place to sleep would be nice, on days one doesn’t have time to make the bed.

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