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I’m always on the lookout for those space saving solutions that will making tiny living that much more enjoyable. After my first tiny house experience I ultimately realized that the biggest error in the design was lack of storage space. My next living space will definitely have better fold out tablethought out arrangements especially around clothing storage and kitchen/entertainment space.  First, and most important criteria in my book, is that everything does double duty!

Several of the following ideas cover plenty more than that! My magical mathematical formula for this goes as follows: space saving + storage space/innovation= Desirable. So here a few designs that have lately met with success in this equation!

Tables are a real focus for me when it come to saving space but also making the most of the tablespace you have. Tables need to perform a multitude of functions without wasting valuable space and since I love anything that folds in to a wall these tables makes my list! Plus they feature innovative hidden storage solutions. Bonus!  Fairly unique tables with straightforward designs-attributes I can always appreciate.

A modern looking option with this transformative bench provides an eastern flair with low to the floor eating/seating, making this an attractive option for any tiny dweller. I truly love the simplicity of this design as well as its versatile, space saving solution. Having multiple options is an advantage in a small space where you make the most of every corner!


sink drawerWasted space is to be avoided at all costs when designing a tiny living space and one spot that always seems to be neglected is around the sink. It’s hard to come up with creative ideas for those gaps where your kitchen or bathroom sink sit which is why I love this drawer design! You can really make use of all the nooks and crannies with this one piece of cabinetry. Definitely innovative!

The toilet below totally appeals to my renewable resource bent that I search for in any appliance. This one solves the problem of where to put a sink in the bathroom and uses the greywater to flush the black. I really wanted a small sink in the bathroom of La Casita but it proved an obstacle in the design and it was decided that particular element would have to be ditched. If I only I had seen this toilet sooner!


Las but certainly not least is this nifty built-in extension cord! Details, dear reader, it’s all in the details! This is just way to convenient not to consider in my next tiny house build! Now how in the world do you roll it back in there?
wall extension cord

Your Turn!

  • What are your latest faves in the world of organization and small space solutions?  







  1. Do a Google or Bing for “prison lavatory equipment”. 5×7′ cells don’t have much room, so if you’re trying to save space, why fill it up with more lav that you need?

  2. I have used a drop light reel in the garage for several years. You simply pull it out until it locks. A little tug and it will reel back in. It would be very simple to install the take up reel in the wall and simply put a plug in on the cord in lieu of the drop light.

    I think I just might give this a try !

  3. If you’re going to have indoor plumbing surely washing your hands in cold water after using the bathroom could be reconsidered!

    Nice ideas, especially the fold down table with the rolling drawers.

  4. Bob, I also have always used recoil cords and air lines in my shops. I had one handy when I came down here and put it up, up it will stay, so handy and I am not tripping over unused cords here, I finish with it and pull it away. I doubt if I would do that with an extension cord.

    The extension cord is so handy; I am going to put up an airline as well in the house because I have found so many uses for it. Beats dusting LOL.

  5. Where can I find that bench/ dinning room table?

    • I went looking for it but couldn’t find it anywhere.

    • The “bench” is actually a convertible sofa. I don’t know if it is available for sale at this time, but the link to the artist who created it is as follows:

      • Thanks Brianna, for the link, I tried to search also but I guess it’s all in the buzzwords. LOL, I typed in your “convertible sofa” and up came several links to it. Guess I will just have to add that to my ever growing list of buzzwords.

  6. Buying sources, please!

  7. Yes—-why post lovely ideas without sources? Please post sources!

  8. love the space saving Norwegian prison toilet but they need to add hot water too for us law abiding citizens!

  9. Great tips. I have one. Take the empty space under your counter and put in a towel rack. Great space saver.

  10. Awesome products. Why not use a rewind, like on some vaccum cleaners for the cord? Couldn’t something that be built into the wall at time of construction?

    • Yes, Definately! We have these cords built in and there is a switch on the wall for retraction. You can also go the spring-loaded route. With the spring loader it retracts automatically like a measuring tape.

  11. The NORDEN table from IKEA was one of the best investments I made for my Tiny Home As a family of 5 living in 340 Square feet this table allows us to have a place to eat family meals inside when the weather dictates without taking up a lot of space when we don’t need it. The storage afforded by the drawers gives us somplace to store Utensils, Napkins, Placemats, and office supplies for when the girls use it for school work. While i spent most of our budget at IKEA and The Container Store, this is one of my favorite purchases!

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