Jay’s Video

So many places have posted this, but I have decided that this video simply because it is one of the best video on the subject to date.  Thus is important to post for those who didn’t get a chance to see it.  I watched an interview where the person spoke about Jay’s way with words on the matter, how he can take what seems to seem like a crazy idea and make it sound reasonable.  I couldn’t agree more, the idea of living in 130 square feet is kinda nuts in a way, but you watch this video and you begin to see a concept evolving.  Anyway, this is a must see video, enjoy!

  1. Hoping to build one of these tiny houses on wheels and run my business out of it. Did not realize there were such restrictions! Can see that I have much to learn before I embark on this adventure. My daydream is buying a piece of property in CA and allowing other small homes owners to use a lot on the property.

    • The loophole with that is to lable the area as a trailer park. Have a HOA with strict guidelines for what can and can not be parked there. So you can have your tiny house community and still be within leagel guidelines.

    • If your daydream comes true let me know, my 22year old son lives in San Fran mostly on a boat and loves this kind of thing. He’s built a one room underground house and know all about solar and insulation. There are a lot of folk who’d but into your idea!

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