It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, No Its… A Tiny House?

This video is simply the craziest tiny house video I’ve seen.  Imagine a 3 ton tiny house moving through the air a hundred feet up.  To boot, its a pretty neat house in its own right!






  1. The interior shots appear to be from different houses?

  2. I like the loft with the white ceiling–it brightens up the space more and looks more polished. And I like the drop table in the kitchen area better than the permanently open table with the metal leg. I also prefer the tiled wall bath area in the second picture over the whitewashed wood panelling in the bathroom in the last pic, and I like the wood molding up the walls and around the windows in the first and second pictures. When there’s too much unpainted or stained wood on the walls, the spaces can sometimes look depressingly dark and claustrophobic to me (I’m not into ‘brown’ as a decorating main color). I also prefer closed cabinets with real doors instead of curtains to hide functional clutter from view. I would need bookshelves though, and those would look best to me with glass doors, even if they’re simply extension shelving box units from IKEA that usually fit on top of regular sized bookcases but would be anchored high up on the walls. I would also prefer stone-look tile squares on the floor for ease of cleaning over wood floors since there is no space for an entry foyer inside the house. And, I would put a cord cover over the microwave cord hanging down the kitchen wall area. The way it is now looks unfinished in the last picture. I see no space for a closet either and no place under a couch or something to store seasonal items. I like the metal bar across the loft area–sleek!– as well as the small window at the head of the bed in the last photo.

  3. The last image appears to be from a different house entirely. Anyone else notice this?

  4. I agree that 2 different houses are shown. It is nice though to see the same space with different arrangement of built in and movable stuff. The ladder arangment is very different and I like it being against a wall so you have something to steady yourself on in case you get off balance. I think this must be a rental house instead of permanent as the kitchen doesn’t have space to store dishes, utensils or food.

  5. Not sure if any of the interior shots don’t match but that’s one chic looking tiny house.

  6. Who in their right mind would lift a 3 ton Tiny House over the top of constructed houses to get it into a back yard? Are you mad? What if it fell? The guy was right, call in the pros… I take my hat off to Lee (if i had one) Top job.

  7. Hello,
    Do you have the information of this mover? Price? I live in inner SE Portland, OR and am looking for this exact contractor.


  8. Hi Lance,
    Yes the Tiny House is one of ours. You would think the author would at least put a clear link to a website the images came from as they are all copyright! (
    Another point, the last image is indeed from a different Tiny House entirely but I think most of you have worked that one out.
    Anyway, thanks for your comments and glad you like my designs.


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