I’m Building A Tiny House!

Over four years ago I discovered Tiny Houses and fell in love with them.  I have always been fascinated with alternative housing, from the time I was a boy I built countless forts in the woods.  So we have arrived, I will be building my Tiny House starting in just a few short weeks!

I have no idea how long it is going to take me, but it will be a challenge for sure.  To set the bar for you all, the biggest thing I have ever built has been a chicken coop.  I have no finish carpentry experience or house building experience, but I have been researching vigorously, talking to a lot of people, and will have friends help out where they can.

 Many of you might have remembered that not too long ago I thought building my Tiny House was going to be a dream differed for another year or so, but recently I received a sizable bump in income with my other job and things started to fall into place.  It’s kind of crazy how everything just clicked all of a sudden.  Within two weeks my income grew, I had a place to build the house, and the last few details clicked too.  I then found myself sitting here asking myself, “is there anything holding me back from doing this?”  The answer was no, I have arrived at the edge and all I had to do was take the plunge.

So I got plans from Tumbleweed – I am going to do a modified version of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company’s Fencl – and started shopping for my big items: trailer, windows, water heater, and appliances.

 The land that I will be building on  (on a trailer that is) is 2 acres right on the lake here in Charlotte, NC.  I am currently house sitting for them so I am keeping an eye after it and mow the lawn.

Going forward I will be detailing all the steps of building, have videos, interviews, informational posts and once it is complete I will be opening it up to tours for those of you who are close by.  Once I start doing these posts I will also have a new menu item that will easily categorize the building process for those who are building their own Tiny House.


  1. Congrats! Sounds like a nice property. I’m looking forward to following your progress.

    • Who can say no to a free place on the lake! I’m really excited


      • I like you have fallen in love with these homes. I am not as far along as you. I am waiting for the opportunity to rebuild where I am living in a bigger 503 year old house thart would be better off deconstructing and rebuilding. Maybe by the time I do this (12-24 Months) you will have a lot of knowledge from your build to come visit our site in Wilmington and offer some helpful information from your build. I am eagerly watching to see your new tiny house

      • i will be following you on you”rte adventure while building, waterfront home, can not wait to see you”re progress.


    Be sure to document all the stages!

    • There will be many many photos, I need to brush up on my DSLR controls, it’s been a while!

  3. That is wonderful, Ryan! I’ve been interesting in Tiny Houses for awhile. It would be great to see one constructed and in person.

    Best of luck to you!

    • Thanks for the comment, if you are around Charlotte let me know 🙂


  4. Awesome Ryan!!
    I can’t wait to see your progress on this!

    • I’m so excited! I’ll be posting about it a lot, don’t worry!

  5. Ryan, I wish you the very best. I can only imagine your excitement right now. I hope you enjoy the process as much as the end product.

    Good Luck!

    • It’s this weird mix of total excitment mix with a bit of “oh crap, now I have to do this” lol!


  6. Woohoo! Exciting news Ryan. Can’t wait to follow the progress of the build. The Fencl is a beautiful looking building.

    Lovely patch of land you have there too!

    • I am pretty excited, I figure I will stay here for a little while then try to pick up some land in a few years.

  7. Please take your time and document everything for those who can’t even build a Chicken Coop!

    • I bet we could get ya to build a coop! I had to laugh, there is a big difference between what my chickens live in and what I hope to build!


  8. Congrats! I’m always nervous when someone says they have an announcement, but this is a good one. Looking forward to seeing the progress.

  9. Hey Ryan,

    I’m also building a Fencl here in the Charlotte area. My wife and I really just started. We’ve only just bought our trailer and leveled it to start work. One issue I had with the Fencl is that its hard to find a used trailer that’s the right size. On Craig’s list I saw a ton of 16′ models, but didn’t see any 18’trailers that weren’t goose neck. We ended up buying new from Kaufman trailers, located an hour and a half north of Charlotte. They delivered the trailer in about 4 weeks, cost was just over 3000 and delivery was 150. Funny thing is that they’ve done a lot of trailers for small house people and immediately know what we were talking about. I went to a tumblweed meet up in D.C. and and lot of the folks there had ordered from Kaufman. Hope that helps.



    • Alan!

      We should grab coffee or something, I’ll shoot you an email and we should be good to go! I’d love to check out the trailer you got too.


  10. Congratulations Ryan! I’m super excited for you. Can’t wait to see you start! That’s amazing how everything worked out. I’ll have to drive up sometime to visit and give you a hand!

    • That would be awesome man! Let’s be sure to arrange it, should be lots of fun!

  11. Wonderful! Do you have a covered area to do the building? Was just wondering since the rainy season will be upon us here in the southeast starting next month. Best of luck to you! Look forward to watching your progress. 😉

    • I have been kicking around the idea of one of those pop up car ports, but right now just outside with a tarp. That might change really quickly though.


  12. Have read your posts for quite a few years and wondered when you would finally build a tiny home of your own. Great news!!!!
    Be sure everything is plumbed and square, it makes the rest of the job so much easier.
    Congratulations, enjoy the journey.

  13. Excellent!

  14. Congratulations! You put what you wanted out there and it was given to you. “Ask and it is given.” Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  15. What a terrific website. I have been thinking about these little Tumbleweed houses for some time, as a secondary residence on a piece of creekside property that floods from time to time. Unlike the house we live in, I could move this one to higher ground!

  16. We just finished building a Fencl, it’s a solid design. We modified it a little for the owners needs, but it is a great space. Look forward to seeing your progress! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Congratulations! I will be following your progress. Im not to far away, south of Greensboro and would love to check out your work as you get further along in your build. I hope to build Tiny one day too!Again, Congratulations!

  18. How exciting! We are also planning on building a Fencl but I’d like to modify it a smidgen. I’m interested in watching your progress and hope that you let us know what you have found to be the best sources for the various things needed to complete your tiny house (trailer, heater, toilet, etc…) so we can benefit from your research. Our plan is for our then to be 17 year old son to do most of the building for the experience and because it will mean so much to him when he moves into it down the road. Happy building!

  19. Congratulations!!! This is a big step. So excited I can watch someone go thru the process first. 🙂

    I’ve had my eye on tiny housing for quite some time. I’m still in an apartment but I’m paring down my things. Its incredible what we don’t really need. A friend of mine suggested I keep a daily journal of what I really use. Aside from boxes of keepsake photos of my kids – which I could digitize – there really isn’t a lot I need.

    Please post (or e-mail) your emotional journey making the transition. I know you’ll be too wiped out after lots of hard work. Keep your eyes on the goal. So glad it all clicked into place for you. Hang on for the ride!

  20. Ryan, I’m building a Fencel right now. I just ordered windows last week and as I’m building the frames (inside due to non-stop rain) I noticed 4 of my rough openings don’t match up with the list of basic components. I’m waiting on Tumbleweeds to get back with me but if we could compare notes it would be greatly appreciated. Could you shoot me an email and maybe we can talk it over. It’s kind’ve urgent since I may have to change my special order on the windows. Thanks, Mike

  21. Noticed your trailer and said that is a NC trailer mfr and then noticed you in NC as well. What trailer model is that with the Fencl? I am getting motivated to build as well and looking for trailers. Raleigh area with land in Candor, NC. How far along are you now?

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