Hytte Tiny House

Here is another unique house, the modified “C” shape is crafted from layered wood to create this shape. You can take in amazing views with the floor to ceiling windows. The interior has beautiful wood paneling that is sculpted to the contours of the structure, creating a seamless floor that flows into the wall, then the ceiling. You will no doubt notice the lack of amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom, but is that a bad thing?

What if you were to have several of these houses, each with its own purpose. This one to sleep in, the next to bathe in, another to dine in. It would almost make sense, the simplicity of the structure demands the simplicity in its function.


  1. I love it. When can I move in?

  2. I hope they have a good/proven method for waterproofing the roof.

    • watch my show on how to roof that I did last night! 🙂 https://ow.ly/1tPRi


  3. I love this little place! It is beautiful. 🙂

  4. This tiny house looks beautiful; I would certainly invest in some of them if they fit into the environment where I was living. They are very clean.

  5. This is great… until you need to use the toilet… or until you want to take a bath or a shower… or until you want to cook yourself some macaroni and cheese or make yourself a sandwich.

    Oh, and it works if it’s next to a beautiful lake. It’s probably not as nice if it’s in the middle of a dense residential neighborhood. Or in a trailer park.

  6. That is incredible. I want to go to there.

  7. I hope I got the ” skill tester ” right ?

    These are great little units. I work in the Film/TV/Theatre ( Arts/Industry?) and we in
    Canada…with so much cheap lumber, etc…
    throw out enough material every day to build
    a dozen of these….including the bath/kitchen and other amenities.

    Drop me a line.

    Think I’ll build one this weekend….



    Kawartha Canada


  8. o.k., nice, BUT: something like bathroom and kitchen??

  9. Can this be constructed large enough to include amenities? Then it would be great!

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