How Tiny isn’t just smart, its ethical

There is obviously a strong case for having small house, little houseits affordable, its simple, its well…allot of things.  But one thing that hadn’t occurred to me as of yet was that a Tiny home is ethical.  How so?  In a world of finite resources, we are using more and more of natural resources, well beyond our fair share and not accounting for generations to come.  In the past 10 years, Americans have consumed conservatively 25%  of the world’s natural resources!  Now do that math which means in 30 more years, we will be out of wood, coal, oil, minerals and folks, that’s something we are going to see in our lifetime.

So living Tiny means we use much less resources, thus reducing our impact on the world.  While I don’t expect so many people to selling off their mansions and living in 100 square feet, I foresee a strong trend to downsizing.

Tree Huger has a great article on this saying

When I hear the question, “Can large homes be green?,” I think the questioner is really asking, “Is it right for some people use more resources — live in big homes — when they could live in smaller homes like the rest of us?” That question is not really about green building; it’s more about moral or social equity

Check out the arcticle here

  1. I love this article, and the picture that goes with it!

    I grew up in the suburbs in a 2500 sq ft house…I say "house" because big ones don't feel like "home" to me.

    I've been living small since college…raised a daughter in 800 sq ft. Not tiny, but small. I have found small leads to closer family relationships. And my baby never had to scream her lungs out in a nursery far from where I slept or prepared meals.

    It's so obvious. I really don't understand the obsession with big houses so many people seem to have.

    BTW – I now live in a 240 sq ft "vintage" 50's trailer (I fixed it up real nice) on a creek surrounded by three acres of woods and fields. I feel like I live in total luxury and abundance 🙂

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