Horsefly Cabin

Recently I was emailed this post and beam cabin by one of our readers, thanks Greg!, that is located in BC Canada.  The Cabin is actually for sale right now, but its very stunning!  Their website is here     The cabin is 16’x20′ on main floor and 9’x16′ loft on 2.3 acre lot. Built in 2010 by Pioneer Log Homes Craftsmen.

Correction: It was brought to my attention that these photos originally appeared on Small House Bliss.  You can find the original post here










  1. I remember watching the progress of this cabin as it was built. Sorry they are selling it. I wonder what happened.

  2. I love this cabin. The chinking between the logs inside is so neatly done, and I love the beams in the ceiling! I also like that the cabin is nestled among the trees without too much of a surrounding clearing. However, the only thing I have a problem with in this, and in other tiny homes, is open shelving in the kitchen area. Doors to hide mismatched kitchen items would clean up the visual appeal for me. (I don’t like curtains on lower kitchen shelves either–that looks makeshift.) To me, having utensils, pots and dishes on view just makes a space look cluttered and haphazard unless everything on the shelves matches and is neatly stacked in an artistic fashion so that it looks like a consciously chosen display of pleasing elements. But then, I can be pretty OCD about the neatness of my home environment and this might not feel ‘lived’in’ and homey enough for some people who have a preference for having their lives on display in their homes. I tend toward visual simplicity because I find it soothing and grounding.

  3. Gorgeous place, but there is no way on earth I could muster up a lot of enthusiasm for living in a place called Horsefly. There has to be a reason for the name. I put in my time in bug territory and much prefer not to run screaming trying to get away from the things. Actually you’re better off not screaming, keep your mouth closed unless you have a head net. Never mind the dumb scary movies with creepy chainsaw wielders lurking in the woods, it’s the bugs that are the real horror. Mind you, fall can be quite nice once the bugs are dead and just before the cold sets in.

  4. This is a much more livable size for someone who wants to simplify and isn’t concerned about traveling than the tiny houses on trailers. Seriously, Pam, the decor could easily be modified to someone else’s taste. I’m getting a mental image of a Paula Deen matching kitchen for you? 🙂 I’m not a big fan of exposed pans OR kitchen, either. I have a folding screen that I put up when company comes, or I just can’t stand looking at my dinner mess while I’m trying to read. I would worry about horseflies, too, although that BC sky is something else. Spent a lot of time up there, and it is exceptionally beautiful in BC and Alberta.

  5. So I was looking for the sink, and realized I should follow the plumbing when I actually saw the sink… it’s the two plastic washtubs on the bottom shelf. I gotta have plumbing. Even the Amish have moved into this, there’s a loophole that can allow them pressurized water. That said, the cabin is amazingly beautiful. The setting is serene, humbling, majestic, and the cabin was so well done for a retreat. Sorry they are selling, but I hope the new owner gets out of it most of the love that was put into it.

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