Hiroo Apartment

I had a heck of a time trying to find more information about this apartment. Here is what I know, it is roughly 7.5 meters, it is in Japan, yeah that’s it.    The center block I think mainly consists of stairway, so you simply climb up the middle and exit there to the perimeter of the apartment.  There does seem to be shades for privacy, but the bathroom is still left open.

If anyone know more about this please chime in.




  1. Hi, I happen to be a Japanese, so I just did a quick search about it.

    The apartment is called “Appartment I” and you can see a movie here:

    Actually it seems thee is still one room available to rent if anyone is interested.

  2. pretty interesting, although it’d be great to see some photos down the road when the place is finished, and full of a little more color. Kinda like a “skyscraper for the incredibly thin”….


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