Hinkle Farm Tiny House

So many of you know about the Tiny Lake House, I think it is my favorite Tiny Houses to date, but this one might be in the running.  Not surprisingly it is built by the same architect  Broadhurst Architects which has hit another home run with this one.  The house features their signature all glass garage style door, opening out to the most gorgeous vista.  With the fall colors it reminds me of living in New Hampshire when I was a child.  The house is simple, but has a very honest quality to it.  The garage door opens out to a porch to take advantage of the outdoors, I would just love to be able to sleep in a comfy bed with the door open (maybe add a bug screen) on a warm summer night.

  1. Affordable version of the lake house 🙂 Great find Ryan!

  2. Elegant simplicity… and anyone w/ the most basic skills could do 80% of the work themselves. Plus, the cost in materials looks quite affordable.

  3. I love it. How to make it fit for winter without losing the unfinished appeal of the interior walls?

  4. Great! But where’s the bathroom?

    • I am guessing that this house take a bit more “natural” approach to bathroom needs 🙂

    • Maybe ‘closet’ is Water Closet’, maybe a composter on that side, outside?

  5. Our bathroom for our 16′ yurt, which is located in the Oregon coastal range is an outhouse with windows on 3 sides. Wonderful for view and I like the walk to get there. I’m thinking this house might have a similar place.

    • I remember I once was backing the wonderland trail, which encircles Mt. Rainer in WA. The outhouse was a large box with a solar powered fan and a seat on top. Nothing else, no walls, no curtain, it was just hidden from view. Took a seat and looked up to see one of the best views of the entire trip.


  6. *gasp* .. location, location, location. With a view like that I could live in a small box.

    • I think anyone who could find good work would be silly to pass it up too!


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