I came upon this almost surreal tree house today called the HemLoft.  At first I thought it was a concept drawing, but it is real, this amazing house is so well done with great wood finishes, a high level of skill and a gorgeous surrounding.  I hope they try to work on  the kitchen more, with such amazing wood working a Coleman stove in the kitchen just doesn’t feel right.


  1. I kinda like that ‘outdoor kitchen’ set up.

  2. It’s worth noting that this is a very amazing, yet very illegal structure built yards from million dollar homes in Whistler, British Columbia. The guy couldn’t afford to buy land anywhere in the area (shocker!) so he started putting together this amazing tree house on the best tree he could find. Take it all in now because it likely won’t be there for long.

  3. There is no way I could walk up (or maybe across; I can’t tell) those steps without being heavily tranquilized.

  4. What an absolutely exquisite way to live… this world needs many, many more such creative, intrepid humans willing to live in this kind of simple way, in my opinion.

    It will be nice when the laws of the land, zoning and otherwise, catch up to the wonderful alternative/sustainable/eco/modular/tiny house movement!

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