Have You Retired In A Tiny House?


Today I wanted to see how many of our readers have actually retired in a tiny house?  I am am doing some research for a project and wanted to see if I could find and talk with a few of you about you experiences.

If you have already retired into a tiny house email me:  ryan@thetinylife.com

For the rest of you who are thinking about retirement into a tiny house.  What are your top three questions you have specific to retiring into a tiny house?  Let me know in the comments!

 Your Turn!

  • What are your top 3 questions specific to retirement in a tiny house?
  • What are the biggest barriers to retiring into a tiny house?


  1. Mobility. Never seen a shack, er… “tiny house” that took Universal Design into consideration- all of these tiny houses have huge step ups, pulls instead of paddles, etc…

    Sleeping arrangements. Try getting into a loft with a replaced hip or knee. Now try getting back down without falling and shattering most of your bones. Balance and grip isn’t what it was at 70.

    Storage for medical devices, like the ones used for breathing assistance or a walker.

  2. A loft bed won’t work for me with my new knee. Now that I am retired, I finally have time to play at art. Mixed media is probably the most space demanding hobby!Presently canvasses ,papers and supplies fill every extra space in my 2 bedroom home. I can see shrinking all the other spaces, but would love more info about compact or dual purpose art making spaces

  3. Not retired yet (54 yrs. old), but definitely am planning on being in a tiny house for an economical retirement. Main concern is the loft sleeping, know stairs will not be good, older age will require everything on one floor. And of course the other concern is what everyone else is struggling with – trying to find a legal place to live in a tiny house, hoping to stay in FL. I am researching now to hopefully have it figured out when I am ready.

  4. My tiny house will actually be a converted storage shed, 12×24. One level floor plan, permanently set on a concrete pad with 36″ doorways to allow for wheelchair accessibility.
    My three questions would include:
    1. In the event I can get away with going off the grid, what do I do about refrigeration?
    2. Black water issues can be resolved with an incinerating or composting toilet or even humanure, but have there been good results with using the grey water for vegetable gardens?
    3. Anything special I should know about building to live in colder climates?

  5. Greetings to All, Young-Middle Aged- Looking towards Retirement or just Old As Dirt Like Me!
    I am 64 single F, yet despite outward appearances, .. physically disabled. My ‘issues’ started in childhood. I got used to pain early, competed and recreational y swam entire childhood. By the time I was a very type A 29 yr Healthcare worker with 2 boys, 2 goats, big house and lazy husband, I was told to essentially (1978) ‘go home and knit’. No picking up anything over 7 pounds…hahahaha. Like we listen to that stuff at 29.
    Now I am really limited, little (Dr says none) use of thumbs, wear hand immobilizers, not much grip, let alone pull grip. I manage. 🙂 I admit I swear alot, or too much anyway. My drug of choice, love of my life, take a whif and I am delirious, is aspirin. Actually I am not supposed to take any NAIADS. Ulcers x 2…have to. So for all of you like me…think TINY, less is more….one alkaseltzer bid. Just enough to move. Aspirin has never failed me , alll these years.

    I imagine all, as proposed, will continue to progress and too many various types of surgery are way over due. Life as is, for many in my circumstances, is to say the least, uncertain. Yet, hey.. don’t know about you but overall i am satisfied with my life. I am all too used to adversity. Life is struggle and when the good times roll shout hallelujah! My glass is always half full, ready to take what I can that is good to be had. I am grateful. ALL could be changed in a pico second.

    We have computers. We eat well enough. Globally compared to majority of humankind… Well all of us are doing great.
    Yet i do seek radical change that would force me to live as much as I can, living a specific world view and way of life I have wanted for a LONG time to fully enact, and the time is right, have people in my life..not many, that help me and love me. PLAN to cram in, whatever time and circumstances develop, a last push forward.
    Take up a small carbon footprint is among what else I want to accomplish. I WILL BE LEAVING A LEGACY. That is my plan.

    SO I FOR SURE GET IT ITG. NO where has Unversal Access been addressed. Nada. If you look at a space as a blank sheet, look into what is now reasonably priced disability USABLE/ADAPTIVE and straight out made for wheel chair bound, if DESIRED AND WANTED it is a lifestyle one could have in a typical largest chassis available, Tiny house on wheels classed as an RV.

    Now what is commonly viewed as a ‘Tiny House’ on wheels? 8 x 10? Most I have seen were much too tiny for me. Yet they can and are built bigger. BUT what you always see is a link for a PARK MODEL MOBILE HOME. Not for me. I want to PUT what goes on that roof and behind those walls. Whenever I build it will determine if it is classified a MOBILE HOME or simply a small stick built home. Very Small. Now the STUDIO, AND THE INSPIRATION TO GET UP IN THE MORNING AND LISTEN TO THE BIRDS, will not be dependent on the life I can create in the Tiny House I build…… using at least 50% salvaged/recycled/FREE materials.

    One needs to INVESTIGATE the whole concept of the ‘Tiny House’ ITG! Darn things can be designed however you want/need. WE , Joan,Lisa and ITG, for darn sure aren’t going up into a loft, even with stairs, YES STAIRS ARE AN OPTION,..nope NO WAY. We may get up, but one day we will kill ourselves going up or down. Period, end of that discussion. Loft is the guest room or storage we get someone else to go get(?) stuff from. WE must sleep downstairs.

    There are great DIY or LL Bean suitable day beds, murphy beds DIY or bought, double bed with mucho bolsters/pillows = sofa.

    One commonly seen floor plan for the 8 x 12 is with a teensy stepway (4 me a 2nd egress) I’ve bandered the idea around the idea to have a double bed, made to fit, 100% NATURAL LATEX) in that bay window area. An unusual way. The entire bay area is garden and also 1/2 of sleeping area for me.. a sturdy platform, diy tiled free tile/stones mosaic, high enough my feet/legs could shift around comfortably, with a tailored textile ‘skirt’, the custom fit bed, on custom built bed platform with built in storage (unique there too) as it is LIGHT and settled onto a set of CASTORS ON CRACK. SO IT MOVES REAL EASY. THERMAL REMOTE (WILL PAY THE $) CUSTOM BLINDS IN BAY WINDOW.

    Just a tug and out she comes when needed to get to storage, maintain the garden ( oh so nice) and clean around underneath. As 1/2 bed, the foot of bed, is under the ‘garden’, other half is a ‘day bed’ sofa,for non disabled visitors. Sit up straight, or lounge on pillows. There is a waterproof topper laid over my bedding, so fart away, laugh as hard as you want :-o… I am in my Ekornes Recliner. There are two electrical spools on lockable castors that act as ‘end’ for recliner, and a coffee table for sofa. Since spools, one can diy 2 book sized shelves between top and bottom. Lots of book storage. My art supplies have been in carts for years, that’s no problem, mess is. Dining for 8? Spools = 6 easy. Modest drop leaf 4. Keep 4 chairs around to be used, 2 small comfy chairs up against the wall, to each side of the table and the two arm dining chairs at the table. Look, you have to have a VISION of what you like and want around you!

    Recliner, sm table. THINK VERTICAL/and multifunction IN DESIGNING/ to live in a Tiny House. downstairs, and a mobile (on wheels) Tiny House poses challenges for us, mostly our way of thinking actually…in my opinion. I am an odd bird, will admit it.

    First lets get this ‘Tiny House'(TH) moniker dealt with. I thought this meant a well built tiny RV….but then I started to THINK ABOUT IT A BIT…..AND DID SOME SNOOPING AROUND THE INTERNET.

    A TH can be built to all necessary urban/rural code requirements on a owned piece of property, no wheels. NOT MOBILE. NOT even look a thing like the
    commonly thought of ‘Tiny House’, OR LOOK JUST LIKE ONE a bit wider and longer with no wheels. Maybe a carport, a real shed ITG or storage (of what?) or as a STUDIO. THOSE SHEDS ITG ARE THE TICKET TO SETTLED DOWN TINY HOUSE LIVING, as I think, maybe wrongly, you perceive it. You do not seem to me to be the ‘ honey, lets travel (GAS) alllll over the country for the rest of our natural life’…kinda person? I am smiling WITH you.

    As far as wheel chair access, that could be done for the right person, with great upper body strength..required for quadriplegic independent living anyway. Bigger chassis, and a bigger engine to tow it if young and own oil stock. Maybe I am just lucky (NOT), but all the handful of independent quadriplegics I have known…once they are DONE WITH REHAB, they are out to LIVE. I KNOW what they have to do TO live. They have a challenging daily routine EVERYDAY, no matter where they live.

    The individual makes the CHOICES. Don’t see too many single post stroke individuals choosing a Tiny House on WHEELS. BUT…This house could be single story and anywhere between 500 – 800 sq ft. There are many house plans for such that are very economical to build, depending on how you have it built, and work with architect , maximizing utilization of SPACE. SALVAGED MATERIALS. For one thing you can save alot of money taking the time to salvage so many things. you simply have to do the research and think wile doing it WHAT DO I NEED, WHAT WOULD BE NICE? Not granite.

    IF you first and foremost have come to WANT a simpler life, perhaps want to hedge as many bets as possible, for whatever reason,…and you look at living in a small space feasible, pursue it.
    I am. I have figured out all my ‘issues’. I am a flexible minded person, I write, Home Educate a granddaughter (do not go there), create what can pass as ‘art’, voracious reader and hoarder of books. i like sweaters and jackets. White shirts, must have 20 of them. They ALL go with me. NOT all the jackets, most of the sweaters! ???? Many will be stuffed carefully inside shams of all sizes., all over the place, all carefully protected. I am crafty, and I know people who can and will do things for free or cheaply that i no longer can do. i do not like ‘common’ things. Big surprise there.

    TAKE THE TIME AND DREAM. DO A LOT OF Thinking, determine a personal strategy based on current and ( as one who is independently living) future NEEDS money and material wise. Do due diligence, research, planning,

    Not all are 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 interior , 8 x 10 exterior, in dimensions. 8′ feet is the LEGAL WIDTH LIMIT from what I have read, this = road legal, = ‘RV’ WIDTH limit. That is the biggest restriction to deal with. I saw a pic of one on wheels WITH A DECK THE ENTIRE SIZE OF THE SIDE OF THE ‘TINY HOUSE’ AND IT WAS HOOKED SECURELY, THEN SOME HOW BROUGHT DOWN AS A big nice deck presto, awning. Perfect idea, doable. AS IS SO MUCH MORE…IN MY OPINION.

    Not everyone is suited for TH living LIFELONG for many reasons. Mostly Peoples lives simply change! For many I think the concept is hard psyche wise, in my opinion, its similar to switching to working a third shift. I have taken recently assigned 3rd shift staff off, all staff UNDERSTOOD. They loose weight, can’t sleep, can’t eat. They look like death in a month. I think you KNOW if you could go and live in a SMALL SPACE AND BE IN YOUR EMOTIONAL COMFORT ZONE, or not. There are places on both coasts I believe, perhaps Midwest as well, that RENT BY THE NIGHT the Typical Tiny House on wheels, and off. Yet, it is NOT really like living in one, lots of wasted space. It is rented for the night, weekend whatever…

    I see living in a small space, when not NEEDED, as an a overt challenge for modern society, yet may ironically provide opportunities for many that they would have gone through life wishing they had experienced. The 20 something male or female, having one, piece of cake , flexible age. no mortgage. No need to MARRY RIGHT AWAY ….FINISH COLLEGE, LIVE OFF THE GRID, GROW A GARDEN. Old hippie here, I like the idea. My granddaughter WILL have one.

    OK, that’s all folks. $?40K for 1-2 acres, septic (PERMACULTURE, USE ALL GREY WATER, develop land accordingly), + county water + STUDIO solar radiant heated with wood efficient back up, SHED, CHICKENS AND A RETIRED WHITE GOAT. I am in SW Virginia, like it enough, will stay awhile longer….Lived the city life..it’s the country for me.

    Outtahere, ..smiling, with very fu_____fingers.

  6. Allyn! Wowza! you will be oh so miserable if you do not:
    1. set shed on standard concrete ‘feet’. about a foot high, cheap.
    2. Must get a RELIABLE RETIRED CONTRACTOR TO BEEF UP WALLS, FLOOR AND ROOF. They will ‘sister 2 x 4’s and floor joists etc. Still not much money, this is a SMALL SPACE. DO NOT GET CHEAP, GET THRIFTY. Talk to people, online and OFF about this. Many people ARE doing exactly what you are! The Dealer, the one you buy from is the one you must choose wisely. Talk to him about what you want to do, and advice as to how to do it. Take notes, better to record too.
    3. You will need a vapor barrier below you and INSULATION, and something else between the insulation and elements. Use CONCRETE TILE MOBILE HOME SKIRTING, cheapest and sturdiest. Have a electrician wire a light down there! Wrap your pipes in electric heat tape! SOLAR ADAPTABLE TRICKLE BATTERY DEDICATED TO THAT ALONE. GET ‘BLOWN IN’ 6 INCHES OF INSULATION, YOU BEEF UP THE WALLS TO ADD THE INSULATION. Rigid blown in insulation MUST be done by a professional. It is tricky. Worth the $. It is the best of everything as to insulation for you, it will add rigidity to the structure itself, the entire structure.
    4. You finish this shed off as if it were a HOUSE. MUST. For code requirements as you are living in it. Other sheds you might put up for other reasons won’t require all this for code.
    5. As far as grey water, it is a big ordeal, anyone tells you different blowing smoke up your pants. To do RIGHT, you develop your property to recycle, refresh, and filter the water. LOTS of water to manage. Lots of simply LABOR managing it. I couldn’t do it alone.
    i will regret this..not because of you Allyn… I am on Pinterest. Patricia instead of Rishia. I have several boards there with links and pic links that will help you get going, where to LEARN what you NEED to know. Permaculture Board, check those links out, answer better or you about grey water, and chat rooms to ask on. “The Courtyard Betwix…. ” is where I am throwing Tiny House stuff seperate from “Studio and Guest House is what the Permit will state..”board, others too, my arm is DEAD, gotta go. GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT DO NOT GIVE UP!

  7. Hi My name is Leah Walton and I just retired early in a tiny house located in the sequoia national forest.
    I think my tiny cabin is about 200 square feet. I fell in love with this very old forestry cabin while renting
    the cabin next door. The cabin I was renting was three bedrooms of useless space and was so hard to heat
    come winter time. The living room was not a place I ever spent time in. Just like my 2,800 square foot
    home I just sold. I have never lived in a cabin this small and I am loving it! My reactor was angry that I was
    not purchasing a big home and refused to sell me the tiny cabin I was so interested in. I got another agent fast
    and purchased the tiny cabin in the trees that I am in now. The biggest appeal for me was that it was the only
    cabin for sale that had forest access for me and my three wolves! Yes I have three Wolfdogs that live very happily
    in my tiny cabin with me. We don’t spend much time indoors since they are my sled dogs. And when night time comes
    they are all in their little spots like happy den creatures. You would not even know they were here! BTW I also have a Bengal cat who loves the tiny cabin too! I am a retired knitwear designer and purchased a tiny shed cabin for my studio as well. I also bought a Log Cabin to rent out as a full time income and it’s very small as well.
    Loving the tiny lifestyle!!!
    Leah, Mai Mai, Mogwai, Blue and Kovu the tiny leopard cat!

    • Hi Leah!
      I love your story and I want to come and see your tiny cabin it sounds like a story book❤️
      What a wonderful life with you and your furry friends! Thanks for sharing. Cheryl in michigan.

  8. I have built a 24 x 8 tiny house in the style of a caboose. The cupalo houses a let down bed. Here is a link to the year and a half adventure..http://www.tnttt.com/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=47804.

    At 62 I am also thinking ahead. A full 36″ entry door for possible wheel chair access ( hope not ) A deck with handicap access ramp would be another piece of the puzzle if needed. Simple things like handicap grab bars near the tub Yes I put in a full tub! The grab bars are a towel bar today but perhaps a necessity later. In short think about down the road with a worst case senario in mind it may be the difference in living comfortably in your tiny house or a nursing home.

  9. My husband and I are in our 50s and wondering how we will survive financially as we get older. I must say the tiny house concept delights me completely. Sanity, simplicity, and accessibility sound great to me.

    Major concerns:
    Computer/internet access needed for business
    Sleep space at ground level (pull-out bed?) – loft could be for visitors
    Zoning issues about where to put a house
    Where to learn about building

    A friend tried to buy a garden shed to convert and live in on land she owns, but could not get it delivered because of zoning issues and remote location. How do you find land where you can set up a permanent residence?

    I don’t know much about building, but one possibly useful resource with regard to water is the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA).

    • Hey Sara, about the building codes…there are ways to eliminate many of the building codes and I’m sure The Tiny House community can share that with you. It’s different for each area so I suggest going to the local Code Enforcement office where you are looking at properties and see what they require. The man I spoke to at my local office was more than helpful!
      As to internet…I use a WIFI hotspot for mine! There are also phone services that offer WIFI access!
      I have also thought about designing my tiny house for handicap accessibility, and mine will be permanently secured to a concrete slab, making a one floor plan easy. Not all tiny houses are mounted on a trailer which have to have steps to access the house!
      Look at tiny house designs, or be creative and design your own!
      Being permanently located, I plan to plumb it just as any house would be, although I plan to use a composting toilet for the black water issue, and utilize a grey water “repurposing” technique which will allow me to water a garden with the grey water. It can be done!
      Hope this inspires you to fly with your ideas!! Good Luck!

      • Exactly Allyn, there is nothing that says a tiny house has to be a certain way, it is what is best for you! Ryan TheTinyLife

    • Thanks Sara! This is really great input, I have started to work this into my project I’m working on now!

  10. By your standards for a tiny home (max. 400sq.ft.) I guess I live in a mansion. Mine is 800 sq.ft. But…in my defense, I built it almost entirely from salvaged materials. My costs are probably less than $20 per sq. ft. A year & 1/2 ago I retired from a 40 year building career. The last 20 yrs. I was a licensed general contractor and the last 8 of those years a certified, license home & building inspector. I have lived in my little (Not Tiny) home for about 10 years, & part time for 12 years before that. I have several neighbors who are living in 4000 sq.ft. luxury homes… 2 people and a dog in each. They probably think I’m poor & can’t afford a big, fancy house. I could, but why would I want to?

  11. Retired in 2011, bought an old used motorhome, and toured the country. We love living in the 240 sq. ft. motorhome more than our 3 bed, 2 ½ bath townhouse where we now only use the den, kitchen, 1 bath, and 1 bedroom – what a waste. We saw a TV special on tiny houses and became really interested. If we built a tiny house, we would use the same basic floor plan as our motorhome. This would give us a bedroom on the main floor and then we could build a larger sleeping loft for when the grandkids sleep over. The dimensions would be 8′ x 32′. We now spend our winters in south FL and are looking for land we could use. Has anyone ever made arrangements with any of our Native Americans to locate a tiny house on their land? Also, I would like to suggest that people who are interested in building a tiny house should first visit one of the big RV shows. Travel trailers and motorhomes can provide a tremendous supply of ideas for floor plans and other design possibilities for the tiny house. Collect brochures and then go home and begin designing.

    • First off, thanks Rishia for the info you shared. I am aware of all of those issues and have decided (actually my carpenter brother decided for me) to go with building from scratch on a concrete pad with footings. The house will be built to code using mid grade as well as found supplies, with an eye to using recycled materials whenever possible. I made the executive decision to have radiant floor heat if possible too. (Warm floors in the winter will be cozy and nice on my feet!) That’s not necessary but just for my comfort.

      Secondly, to Barb & Jim, in PA & FL, from my experience as a native american, you will find it difficult to get permission to squat on native american land for the winter, or for any reason, unless you are also registered native americans. They are very wary of “nonbloods” who come to take advantage. The war is still being fought. Conditions on reservations in FL are bleak, and if you are in a mobile tiny house, you’re better off renting in a campground or as I have done, get on craigslist and rent a space in a private back yard in the location of choice. You might also consider renting space on a farm if you prefer to be out of the city.

  12. I have downsized, living in 250 sf basement with a friend to save money. Wanted to build an off-grid, reclaimed materials tiny house but I was erroneously enamoured with traveling as many of the websites skim over the pricey piece of finding a permanent parking place. Tumbleweed recently updated its site, still touting some mobility. Stop here if that’s what you had in mind. Since I realized that mobility (free BLM winter camping, etc.) AND a permanent, mortgage-free home is what I seek, I looked at RVs. But RVS that are built to last cost more than a reasonable house. Others would not be durable for fulltime, longterm living. I was hoping to find an architect to design a hybrid for me. But I would be using steel and aluminum. Not easy for DIYers. Gutting an old trailer just for the shell seems silly, but that’s where I am currently. Any ideas out there?

  13. My question, which may have been answered already,is about square footage…. is there a threshold in-which it benefits me to have smaller.. IE: a 999sq’ is a lot cheaper tax wise if you go over 10000, in my pending retirement I’m to lazy to read it all.. ugh,, please help

  14. So, the question remains: What qualifies as “Tiny”? Mine is about 700 sq.ft., not counting a 120 sq.ft. low ceiling sleeping loft. I built it almost entirely with re-used material & locally cut & milled trees. My cost pr. sq.ft. (not counting my labor) might be approaching $10 to $12 sq.ft. AND… It’s not a shack. It is beautiful, comfortable & feeds my spirit daily.

  15. I am an expat who lived in Australia for 15 years. I’ve just returned to America to be closer to my family as I progress in life years. Thing is, I can’t afford to live near them (NY metropolitan area). I have lived many years on sailboats so am quite comfortable with the dimensions and economy of tiny houses or other such alternatives such as small container houses. While I can afford to pay for a tiny house, I am amongst those with the land problem. Where can I find something suitable within approximately a two-hour flight or drive on affordable land? I like that there is now a way to request or advertise land for rent or sale on the Tiny House website. It will take a while to catch on, for people to realise they have such an option to earn from and share their land. But it’s a very real problem for those of us who would prefer this lifestyle. I’ve happily lived off the grid in Australia so this isn’t so much of an issue. If anyone out there has suggestions, I am a keen 67 yo, single, mechanical, somewhat knowledgable soul, but am wondering if I should stay in Australia.

  16. My question after dreaming of this for years is this: is there a reason, other than aesthetics, why one would pick a tiny home like a Tumbleweed style over a Class C or 5th wheel RV that seems a lot bigger overall? I just realized today that for less than the cost of building we could buy a pretty snazzy RV and trick it out for off grid living.

    • A regular RV has poor insulation and wood grain covered cabinets and plywood everything. I’ve had one and hated it. New it was fine but the lifespan is short.
      I am considering a tiny house on wheels so that I can have regular cabinets and regular walls and insulation.

  17. I am 48 and will be building within the next two years. Like everyone else, land is number one concern and loft sleeping. Pull out bed like the Minim house would be great but I would make a step at the end of the bed to get up to the room over the bed just to be safer. I really hate changing the level of the floor though. Love loft sleeping but safety would be a concern.

    Wheel chair accommodating design would be my plans down the road for my second tiny house build. Sliding glass doors would take care of wheel chair access for the front entrance. A wet bath would accommodate a wheelchair and include the extra width for the doorway. I would also think less of a “built-in” design would work best to allow more room for a wheel chair to maneuver.

    However… it would be my tiny house that I build for me sooooo here goes. Loft would be lower because I may end up in a wheelchair so I would have stairs in this tiny house that are not permanently attached so that a barebones elevator could be installed later if needed. Lower loft height would mean head clearance upstairs for a wheel chair could be possible. The loft could be smaller because it’s just me so I would only need a twin bed. The fold up decks I have seen could have one more piece added to act as a ramp for wheelchair access.

    Actually, a tiny house that was wheelchair accessible for disabled vets would be a VERY cool design to do. The design would double for the elderly.

    Just some thoughts. 😉

  18. I’m only 24 so I’m nowhere near retirement age, but I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis in my ankles at age 18, so sleeping lofts accessed by ladders was a no-go for me too. But I LOVE the idea of a tiny house. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I drew a 10’x20′ floor plan that keeps universal design and accessibility in mind for a small house. It does still have a loft, but the main bed is a murphy bed downstairs. The loft is for either storage or two twin beds for (grand)kids. email me if you’d like a picture 🙂

  19. Since I have MS I think I’m entitled to answer some of your questions.
    My first modification would be an aluminum loading ramp for a truck hinged on the back porch of the tiny house on wheels. It could be raised and lowered like a drawbridge with a 12-volt winch (less than $100).
    I have allowed 3′ between cabinets and no loft area. My bed would be a motorized twin with a roll-out trundle beneath. During the day it would be the couch.
    The bath is still a problem. I have allowed a 3’x3′ shower with adjustable shower head and a corner stool. The showers also come in roll-over style but there’s not enough room in my plan for a 5′ turnaround.
    See if that helps some.

  20. I’m a fit, active 64 year old ‘Snowbird’ from Canada currently travelling and camping in a 17 ft Casita. Hubby and I built our own ‘small’ house on 14 acres in Ontario, Canada. I would like to downsize and build a tiny house so we could be away from home more easily and for longer times.

    I will NOT design a tiny house by planning to be wheelchair-bound or incapacitated! I really disagree with all these people who plan for the worst health. I believe that if I work hard every single day to stay fit, active, flexible, and eat a healthy, ‘real’ foods diet, chances are good that I will have a healthy old age. My grandmothers and mother were fit and mobile until their 90’s and I expect to be the same. In other cultures old people are slim, strong, and flexible, sitting on mats or cushions on the floor and walking every day often in hilly terrain. Use it or lose it!

    So far with this regime and attitude, I am agile and healthy. We’ll be travelling to Nicaragua for 2 months this winter to go birding as well as our 2 months camping in Florida. In the last couple of years we’ve been to Arizona, Italy, Nova Scotia, and Florida (right down to camping in a tent in the Dry Tortugas). We’re now plotting for trips to New Zealand, Ecuador, and Scotland.

    My tiny house plans will include a loft with a wide runged ladder or storage stairs with a hand rail on the wall. After building a 40′ boat and our house/outbuildings, I am very comfortable with ladders. The toilet will be plumbed to a septic system or holding tank; dealing with a composting toilet every few days is not how I want to spend my time! 😉 Otherwise there will be no concessions to aging. I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

    I will have a small raised bed garden to grow fresh, organic vegetables and probably some berry bushes too. I’ll have a deck on the side for outdoor living with maybe a screened area. I’ve found the secret to tiny living and healthy living is to spend a lot of time outdoors.

    Just thought I’d post some alternative thoughts to the subject of aging in place in a tiny house. I will continue to be alive and thrive!!!

  21. I am with you 100%. I’m just a couple of years older and you summarised how I feel. When tou come to Queensland Australia, give me a ring. I want to know more of us.

  22. Brent Lee,
    Would love to see your floor plan and lots of pictures if you would be so kind. Also, did you have any problems with zoning or codes.
    Many Thanks for sharing

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