Green Police

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  1. On one level, I think this is hilarious.

    On another, I think it underlines (mocks?) the worse parts of the environmental movement. The idea of freaking out over the trivial stuff, like this commercial illustrates, is seriously being used in some circles as a rationale to oppose being “green”.

    Not sure if this was meant to satirize the regulation vs taxation debate on greenhouse gas emissions, but it did a good job. EPA regulation and banning specific things (ie vehicles or light bulbs) is almost always more costly and problematic than putting a price on carbon itself. A carbon price treats all ‘infractions’ equitably, and doesn’t blow any of them out of proportion like green police might.

    In a similar way, I like the tiny house community because it supports what people want to do on their own free will, not raiding McMansions and humiliating their owners 🙂

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