Green Fun

Today I thought it would be fun to talk about some interesting eco-friendly things that caught my over the past week.

You love pizza, but you hate the waste of the packaging. Well here is a new idea from Greenbox, Check the video for how it works.


Next is recycled newspaper that has been spun into yarn which can be used to make any number of things. I have yet to see how well it holds up in the rain, but this product screams Etsy.

spun newspaper


Here is another one that I found, my sister and mother are both weirdly addicted to using straws, frankly I just don’t get it, but what kills me is that they have to throw these away each time.  I have never really seen any straws that are designed to be reusable or practical for reuse.  The nifty part about these is that you can drop them in a pot of boiling water or a dishwasher to completely sterilize them, inside and out.

steel strawsvia

Here is a great little ottoman that is made from upcycled materials.  While I would be buying one of these, at a price tag of $425, You could easily make one of these yourself if you can get your hands on the old burlap bags.



  1. Glass straws:

    • That just sound like an idea from a horror film, person breaks straw and drinks broken glass!!!! eek!

  2. Sorry that your gut reaction (prejudice) didn’t even make you curious enough to visit the site & learn about their product. I hope your readers are more open minded when it comes to the new ideas (greenish things, small houses) you present.

    PS I am not related to this product in any way.

  3. I am familiar such processes, pyrex and some others used with chemical lab equipment, I am going to check it out now!

  4. Puh-lease, since when does a legitimate safety concern, especially a tongue in check one, constitute prejudice? You know my initial reaction… why does anyone need a straw? Does that somehow mean I’m judging anyone who uses a straw, hardly! I think anyone peddling glass straws knows that the hardest selling point of their product is the very material it’s made of, especially since the website even addresses replacement in case it breaks.

  5. Aw man! I’ve been using pizza box plates for years! Sonofa…if these guys make millions off it I’ll have sh-tfit! lol. No, its good to see and more people should utilize the idea…


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