Gratitude In The New Year

With New Years right around the corner, many folks are thinking about what will come in 2014.  Many people will also be making new years resolutions.  I’d like to propose something a little bit different this year.  Instead of looking forward to what will be, lets look back and what has been; more specifically, lets practice gratitude for all the good things that we enjoyed in 2013.

This looking back and practicing gratitude has been show to be more productive.  It is something that I have learned this year to be a huge boost to my happiness, there are moments where I am struck by how lucky I have been and what a great life I have been fortunate enough to live.  I have learned to appreciate the things we often take for granted.

This practice of expressing gratitude has been shown in studies to actually boost happiness.

2013 was an amazing year, lets be thankful for it.

  1. That is one of the things that Rhonda Byrne discusses in her book “The Power” and it makes everything better and makes our lives even more abundant. She talks about it being a great multiplier and that anything you are thankful for you get more of.

    • It has had a huge impact in my life too, it is interesting how such a simple thing goes a long way.

  2. 2013 has been a year of growth. I have learned much about myself and the world around me, learned terms to describe the ideas I have effectively and with less misunderstanding. Found a great friend, watched my baby girl blossom into a delightful little girl, my oldest start to become a precocious and delightful pre-teen, my middle find solidity in what he wants instead of what everyone else wants, and my husband find realization that his past affects the present. Tiny home or earthship home is on all our minds which means this next year will bring it into being.

  3. I make resolutions at various times during the year, usually after thinking back to the past and looking ahead to the future as part of a general practise of figuring out if my life really is going well or not and what might need some adjusting. It’s not something I associate with any particular time of year or life but it didn’t really start until I hit my 50’s. I have long range plans, short term plans, various possibilities that may or may not pan out, plans that I can implement totally on my own and plans I need to co-ordinate with others. Some get changed or discarded along the way, some spring fully formed from who knows where. That’s what life is all about. Plans and resolutions are just guidelines to keep you going while all the other stuff bounces off or knocks you around. It’s all about staying flexible while hopefully not getting stuck in a state of limbo (the boring greyness, not the dance!) Unless you like limbo of course.

    • Good point Alice, improvement is not something that must happen just at the new year.

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