Getting Cold Feet?

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And interesting development over at Mini-Mobile Cottage.  They recently have moved into their new Tiny House and have run into an issue with Tiny Houses: cold feet!  Now I am not talking about second guessing themselves, no they seem to be quite happy, but I mean literally their feet keep getting cold.  This is a result from have a open air space below the trailer which isn’t insulated or closed off.

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If you have ever been in a trailer park or taken a good look at one you will notice people try to close off the gap between the trailers subfloor and the ground.  This hides the wheel axles, but also creates a air pocket of air, a barrier to the cold and heat of the outdoor temperature.  Most of the time I don’t like the look of how they do it, everything from fake stone to sheet metal.  But then again if you stay allot warmer I guess its worth it, just do some nice landscaping.

Jeff and Arlene…..or rather just Arlene came up with a approach to use Industrial Wool Felt, at $1 a foot its a pretty good steal and it’s 1/2″ thick.  Check out their post on it, which is rather funny, about their cold feet here

Back when I lived in my loft apartment it was really hard to heat – or rather pay for the heat – when you have 15′ ceilings and single layer exposed brick.  My solution was to warm it just enough to not freeze the pipes and I bought a pair of these

bootiesNow I got a ton of flack from my girl friend of the time, until she tried them out, but at then end of the month I was always happy to see that I had cut my bill in half.  However I am looking forward to only having to heat the space of a Tiny House.

  1. A few months ago, we sprayed 4 inches of spray in foam unto the bottom of floor from the crawl space. We do have a full foundation to protect it somewhat, but adding this made a huge difference. It doesn't take a lot of insulation in your floor to keep you feet warm, just as long as it's good. If you can't completely seal your foundation on a raised or wheeled platform, then use an expanding sealing foam to keep the cold out.

    • Good tip! I thought about using that pink foam sheeting could also help during the colder months, but the spray foam would fill any gaps and seal it up nicely.

      • If you already have them, you can still use the solid sheets, just use the spray in the fill the cracks on the edges.

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