Ecomatic – Sink Dishwasher

So one thing that I have often wondered about living in a Tiny House is if I will miss a dishwasher.  Now it is not for the reasons you think.  While convenience is a nice plus, the big thing for me is that it uses such hot water to clean, helps sterilize.  I am a bit of a germ freak when it comes to the kitchen, especially with raw meat.  Today I found what looks like to be a possibility from Electrolux.  This is a sink and dishwasher in one.  While it only has a limited capacity, it will certainly help out.  It also uses some green technologies to help reduce water consumption and power consumption.


  1. How much and when can i have one. where is the place in Bulgaria where I can get one or is it only in the US?

  2. bonjour
    its sooo difficult to wash dishes “normally”????
    tell me its a joke?

  3. This would be very welcome in the kitchen slash conference room of a small office. Where can we buy one?

    • Right now it is a concept, but watch Electrolux’s website for details.


  4. If you really want to be green — DON’T EAT MEAT! that would be the biggest, greenest thing you could do,

  5. There are sink-dishwashers available and they’ve been around for a couple of years at least…

    Kitchenaide sells one and there are also drawer-style dishwashers like this one:

  6. Great article. Great product, I enjoy and share for my friends and post on my blog.

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