Dwelle’s Super Minimalist

I covered this house a really long time ago, I think it was one of my first few posts, but recently I found more photos, specifically of the inside which I wasn’t able to find before.

The smaller of the homes, named the Little Dwelle.ing is 4.9 meters by 2.65 meters (16×9.5 feet or 152 square feet) and costs around £20,000-£35,000 ($30,000-$52,000). Unlike its big sib, it’s meant to be more of a retreat, office or storage area than a main home, but it has almost all of the awesome features mentioned before. Just like in the Big Dwelle.ing, there is enough room for a bed that is lofted about the kitchen and main living area.


  1. Both models are very attractive. It looks like the plan view must be for the smaller one and the interior picture must be of the larger one. Is that some kind of chase behind the toilet in the plan view? Anybody know why it’s needed?

    • It might be a composting toilet.

      • Looks like they drew a wall hung toilet in the plans. From my experience, you need an 8″ deep chase to install the required plumbing.

  2. Very cool. Love the tree gate thing over the gable end in the final pic. Love to have something like this.

  3. What a stellar design! I love the bookshelf and loft. Yes please.

  4. Jay, I think that’s just for hiding the plumbing.

  5. Those interior pictures are great. I’d love to live in there. Nice sized art work above the couch, some shelves, some awesome stairs to get up into the loft… Very nice. It’s like a modern minimalist tiny house lol.

  6. It’s been a few days since I first saw this posted, but I’m glad to see it posted again. Breathtakingly beautiful, both of them. As an owner of a wilderness cabin, I can appreciate the iron gates that can be closed over the end with all the glass. Nice way to handle security while the owners are away.

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