Deceptively Small Apartment

I saw this apartment a while back, but after viewing the photos and not finding a square footage, I thought it was a larger apartment.  I then got an email from a reader (thanks Dallas!) to an article which stated it was 366 square feet.  We all know the power of light color pallets, natural light and combined that with a skillful photographer who makes it look big, this is a pretty neat tiny apartment.

The apartment is in Barcelona Spain, noted the drawers built into the stairs, also the floating stairs made of metal allows for more storage space.  The contrasting wood paneling is just inexpensive plywood done really well, it is a pretty interesting choice, but I really like it!


  1. OMG! where is this located?? I am looking for small stylish apts in Barcelona.

    I would reaally like to know. thanks!

  2. This is gorgeous. Beautiful pictures make a big difference, too!

  3. Modern. Cute. But bad for older adults … one off-balance or slip = bad pain or broken bones.

  4. Lots of wasted space…

    Tips and tricks for tiny homes:

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