Cottage In A Day

Here is a small house that can be put up in a whole day!  Obviously they construct the majority of the house prior to the build indoors.  But still it is kinda neat.  The prefab house uses SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels to make up most of the house.  As for the look of the house, frankly they lost me at the top portion.  It isn’t very appealing and doesn’t really flow.  Regardless, the house does have a strong use of eco-friendly materials and is super efficient.


outside prefab house big

prefab cottage kitchen

prefab house inteirior

prefab house heat loss


  1. I had a chance to recently tour the Cottage in a Day facility. The process of building these cottages seemed very comprehensive, and follows ‘no waste’ philosophies. All material waste is sorted for recycling or sent out locally for reuse. The cutout for the wall plaque is even used to produce a key chain. It was obvious a lot of thought and design has been put into this product—I was thoroughly impressed!

    • Have photos by chance?

      • Unfortunately, I did not take any. Contact the company through the Cottage in a Day website. They were very helpful when I was there, and I’m sure would be happy to help you out, as well.

  2. I have seen these first-hand, and I have to say the potential behind the units is huge. Part of my graduate research focuses on green residential prefab, and this is one of the most comprehensive ideas I’ve seen. A lot of value in this product.

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