Cornwall House Truck

House trucks are a unique type of tiny houses that offer a great design, look and feel to them.  This awesome house truck is a little funky and a whole lot of cozy.

Lighting is provided by solar panels, and romance by lanterns and tealights. Cook here, in the small fitted kitchen with gas cooker and oven. A short distance away  from the horsebox is a hut with a private compost loo and shower room. The hut also has a large sink to wash-up in, a small fridge, and a place to store coats and boots after a walk, or sandy things after a day on the beach at quaint St Agnes.







  1. Are my eyes deceiving me or does that house swivel? If not, how did it turn? I love this more than my new purse. So warm and bright, and the steps are amazing with the storage. This is just perfect. Sandi

    • That is so funny! I concur…I want to live in it for the rest of my life…sacrificing all future purses, shoes, & clothes purchases! Someone please, write me back if you can make one of these for Me with all of that $ I am going to save just to have a dream like this…come true :))

      • Jasmine: Technically you could make one out of a shipping container and they are out there for reasonable prices. Here are some links I have found on this blog.

        This is a fast forward video of a cool house.

        Google Shipping Container Houses and you will get tons. Hope that helps. Sandi

    • Your eyes are not playing tricks on your brain. Look closely at the cab compartment of the truck. At a casual glance, the front and side of the cab look almost the same. Thus the flatbed mounted “house” could almost look like it had rotated.


      • Well you are right! How funny. Thanks for clearing that up for me. It’s so nice I just want to build one myself. Sandi

  2. Lovely! Just brilliant. I could live perfectly well there. (I would store a lug-a-loo in that small storage stair!) 😉

  3. What a great little house. With this type lorrie, I guess you could
    even make it a little longer to house a built on bathroom and probably enough space for a solar heated water tanks above for hot
    showers and gravity fed toilet if needed. Love that the sides
    fold down for a deck and you could even have a sun shade put in
    behind it to lift up once the deck was lowered. Just lots of
    great possibilities.

  4. LOVE the cupboard stairs and their orientation across the width is perfect.

  5. Is it portable? Are there patio doors – or does the “drawbridge” just pull up to cover the opening? Is it insulated? Is it for sale?

  6. I would love to see a few drawers under those stairs instead of all
    doors, like a Japanese step tansu. As a safety precaution I would
    put in some upright dowels from the side of the steps up to the
    ceiling of the loft. Or one upright and several horizonal ones.
    These, if horizontal, could act as hanging space for clothes or
    just about anything. Great design, so these are just thoughts.
    Since there are also great pieces of wrought iron in Great Britian,
    that might be an interesting use of a piece of that. I keep going
    back to look at this and seeing things that I love and things I
    might add. Lynda

  7. You could almost take the tallest cupboard and make it taller and a bit larger to use as a toilet space. The head of the bed could be switched to the other side if you felt closed in. Hopefully there would be enough room for bedside things without using the top of the cupboard but you might have to add a little railing.

  8. Wow! I love this! I say this to myself about a lot of the featured tiny homes. But, they are all so cool and practical in their own ways. The storage/steps to the bedroom-area are awesome and I love the open-air feeling of having the big door open. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. This is so adorable. I just love it.

  10. Very tastefully done. Very nice. Thanks for posting.

  11. What a lovely job you did on this tiny house! It’s so charming.
    Thanks for sharing!

  12. This is just awesome! I love it.
    Does anybody know how this type of truck is called. Which model is it? Is it original with this wodden case?

  13. Guy don’t get too excited it a bedford tk !!!

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