Compact Kitchenette

In a traditional house, in my experience, people often congregate in the kitchen.  But when it comes to Tiny Houses I’ve noticed that the current layouts often dictate that people gather in the great room or living room, depending on what you call it.  It is for this reason that we want to minimizing our kitchen space to as small as possible, while it still being comfortable and functional.  For some Tiny Apartments in big cities, they leave out a kitchen all together.

If you think about it we spend very little time in the bathroom and the kitchen, so they should be proportioned as such.  We spend 8-12 hours a night in bed, while the rest is in our work/living space or out and about.  I think ultimately Tiny Houses do cause us to get out more, interact with the world around us, that being the man made world and the natural world.

So I found a great kitchenette that seems very useable, but has a very small footprint.  It also has the added bonus of being able to close up and look very presentable when not in use.


  1. I’ve always wondered why people have these massive bathrooms, why spend so much money, space and everything on a room you spend less than an hour altogether in? Till someone figures out a way to get rid of all that useless space when its not needed, but still provide the comfort most people want, then I think tiny houses would become even more popular.

    Onto this kitchenette, is the dishwasher in the top or bottom drawer? Also, there seems to be no oven type device(not even a microwave), though I suppose one could somehow stuff those in a top cupboard that matches the kitchenette.

  2. Evan, the dishwasher is probably whomever is standing at the sink with a few dirty dishes. In a place that would use a kitchenette that small, it’s likely that there aren’t that many dishes that need washing.

  3. who makes this?

    • See the “via” link at the end

      • I see no “via” link at the end???

        • the VIA at the bottom of the image links to:

        • I followed the link and from there, digging around found the link to the manufacturer. It’s made by Kitchoo.
          here is their link in english: (other languages available)

          it includes some PDF files that explain about the diswasher option etc. the image above doesn’t appear to have it installed. I think it would go in the botttom drawer where they appear in the images on this page to have recycling and trash bins.

  4. Altho I agree with Mark K’s view on dishwashing, in point of fact if you follow the “via” link to dornob, it says there that the design includes a “petite dishwasher”- altho we are not shown any better images of the 2 drawers nor given schematics.

  5. Where do I get one? I have a “Tiny Cabin” and this would be perfect for it.

  6. This is an attractive and functional little unit, but for 5390 Euro I would have to pass. There are people building tiny homes for the cost of this kitchenette. For less (maybe half) money you could put a beautiful stainless dickinson range/oven, a refer/fridge with separate doors for each, a washer/dryer combo and the cabinets to surround all of it…just sayin.

  7. I built an 800 square ft house with a mini-kitchen unit. It was not great; was costly and did not work well. The fridge needed defrosting all the time, the sink was too tiny to do dishes. One would have to be a compulsive cleaner and meticulous minimalist to enjoy one of these kitchens. We ended up adding a small real kitchen after a few years.

  8. I can’t find the specs on the tiny kitchen. Would really like to know.

  9. How can I get this kitchenette

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