Celebrating Our New Book: Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials

Book CoverWe’re proud to announce the official release of The Tiny Life’s second print book: Tiny Houses Built With Recycled Materials!

If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact, save some money, and add some character to your tiny house, be sure to check out this book. It’s packed with tips and tricks for sourcing, restoring, and using recycled materials in creative ways. Our aim was to capture both the best information you can put to use immediately in your tiny house build, as well as the inspiring stories from builders that can give you ideas you never would have thought of otherwise.

We poured a lot of love into this book. Whether you’re in the middle of building or just curious about tiny houses, we hope that it can help you on your journey!

To celebrate the release of the book, we’re offering a signed book special offer! We’re offering copies of our books, signed by author Ryan Mitchell. As a bonus, we’ll include a free copy of one of our ebooks with each purchase!

All orders include: free shipping, one ebook, and a Tiny Life carpenter pencil.


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  1. Where is the tiny house conference? Has it taken place already. I’m writing this as of 5/10/16. Thanks, C

    • Next year’s Tiny House Conference will take place April 8-9 2017 in Portland, Oregon. Visit tinyhouseconference.com for updates!

  2. This book is very interesting. I was really amazed when I saw a house that used mango wood and bamboo wood for their house and it was amazing. The mango wood was made from mango trees that were not able to produce fruits anymore so the tree was still useful after its service. The bamboo flooring also helped in absorbing the sound making the upper floors make less noise. After visiting that house, I was enthusiastic to put up my own eco-friendly home from scratch. This will surely help.

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