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Life Edited

The founder of has launched a new program where he has purchased a 420 square foot apartment and is taking ideas on how to design the space.  The winner gets their plan implemented and $70,000!  He just put out this very good video about the project and downsizing.

With some design and technology magic, we think 420 square feet can allow for working at home, space for 2 guests to stay over, a sit-down dinner for 12, lounge space for 8, and maybe even a steam room.

To find the best designs, Graham created Life Edited with Mutopo and Jovoto as an open challenge to design an ultra low footprint space. We’re inviting people to propose, discuss and evaluate designs with the goal of inspiring people to consider small living spaces.

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Reader’s Renderings

So recently two readers of and our Facebook Page have posted some drawing they made on google sketchup.  I thought they were pretty good and I thought I’d share.  If you all ever have drawings, photos, stories, videos etc.   Shoot me an email  ryan112ryan [at]

I’ve been messing around with Sketchup for the last few months. I have a few ideas down. It’d be great to have some feed back. I have plenty more photos in my profile any and all ideas welcome.

-Stephen Smith

Now in production, 216 sq ft Tiny House. Two configurations: “A” module is bed/bath, “B” module is cooking/living. Modules are constructed from panels, bolted together on-site; may be disassembled and moved later.

-Bryan Jenkins

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Tiny House Guest Bedroom

So as I tell my family all about my plans for a Tiny House, my mother always asks “where am I going to stay when I visit”.  I didn’t really have any idea, perhaps a cot?  It got me thinking to how to handle guests in a Tiny House.  I love having people visit and spending time with family and friends, so this is something that I need to figure out.  Then I saw this and thought that it just might work.

What some people don’t realize is that in many Tiny Houses on trailers, if you have a open “great room” floor to ceiling height is actually 11.5 feet!  Now if you were to integrate a way to hook up the net on the sides you could instantly double your sleeping space!  When you don’t have guests etc then you can just pull it aside, perhaps into a cabinet so when pushed to one end, the door closes and hides the whole thing.

How do you plan to handle company?