Cargo Trailer Takes Off-Grid Off The Radar

With growing uncertainty in the nation, global strife, the fall of the American currency, and a host of other scenarios, the rise of the Prepper is growing as well. And for each prepper seems to come an idea of what housing for an emergency situation might look like. That coupled with the discontentment of RVers for where they have to stay may very well be the incentive for folks like Bill Southworth of Hybrid Propulsion for building what is now becoming known as the stealth camper or travel trailer. His particular build ended up being one of the slickest 80 sq. ft. transforming cargo trailers to date.

Stealth 1

Stealth Trailer for Off-The Grid Living

Turns out the precipice behind Bill’s build was – as he puts it – “Traveling with a Rottweiler means you stay either in really awful roadside motels or very high end hotels that treat the dog as a guest. He “decided that we needed a way to carry our hotel with us on our journeys. I checked out all the obvious travel trailer options and decided that they were either too large, too ugly, too inefficient, or too poorly constructed. I decided that I could do better.” And better he did. At just 16′ long this former horse trailer nicknamed “Son of a Buggy” is a solar powered gem that features some of the most clever and multi-faceted interior options one could imagine.

Stealth 2

Inside the Stealth Trailer

The walls, at first site, seem blank and sterile even. But interior designers would call them Scandanavian-inspired in that they are minimalist with high function yet little decor. The idea Bill insists is to make the space appear larger than it is by keep lines clean and make all furnishings and adornments invisible. The walls themselves are made from a honeycomb-type material that is recycled cardboard and covered with a thin birch veneer. The floors are recycled, compressed Mulberry bushes from Sustainable Flooring of Boulder, CO and is actually more durable  and more hard the Teak.

Stealth 4

Inside the stealth trailer

To make the trailer more comfortable and homey the sleeping arrangements are for a king size bed while the bed consists of one stationary twin which doubles as a sofa. When the bed is stowed, a drop down table can be slid into place to make a dining area for four. The entertainment system is a 26″ Samsung LED TV swings out above the bed for Apple TV or HD DirecTV. The printer , computers and WiFi storage is in the cabinet next to the TV. This level of technology is something that is becoming more predominant in tiny houses as even Tim and Shannon’s tiny house features a retractable movie screen with a HD projector and a surround sound system.

Stealth 6

Kitchen area inside the stealth trailer

Southworth designed and built his little cabin on wheels to use solar, battery, and power management and it’s designed to store for on board storage so that Bill and his wife can go for weeks off the grid and even off the radar!

Your Turn!

  • Would you want to disappear entirely with your tiny house?


  1. This is awesome!

    I love the covert camping idea. A best friend has lived this way for six months now. He has curtains rigged in his Honda Odyssey van…sleeping on an air mattress in various Walmart parking lots at night, using their restrooms as needed. For showering, he joined a national 24 hour franchise gym. On week days he parks in the shade at work…weekends finds him parking in shady city parks or in the woods on my land. Lives so very cheaply.

    • Yes? wow what a great idea? Now everyone with this trailer will be pulled over and or stealth campers are no longer stealth? Are people that stupid you have to advertise everything to make a dollar? in doing so destroying people? Not every person can afford a house like yourself and then exploiting people who cant afford a house/homeless by exposing their stealth campers? Whats your next move to petition to your local politician works on van are dangerous and illegal? I bet if i dig a spider hole you people will come out with a retro fit spider hole giving the location of your work right? This is life and death for some people and you have just let the world on our little secret? Thanks alot? I prey you and your business be investigated for tax issues/doing cash work? You people are vermine!! Always trying to make profit and regulations? Whats funny is the price of your fit out will be a deposit for a house so you really need to re access your idea? Bit like selling cakes to a baker?

      • Chill, Steve. No one is trying to do anything to you or anyone else living in stealth trailers. One of us might actually be the ones who pull over to help you when you have a flat tire or engine trouble so be nice. You mention being pulled over — it is not illegal to haul around household goods in a cargo trailer so what is the problem?

      • Wow, what is your problem? It’s a neat concept for someone that can/needs to do it. That must not be you Steven. Take a chill pill.

      • It is pray and vermin…. A house can’t be moved in times of crisis. I don’t think that sharing this idea is detrimental to anyone. Don’t be so damned selfish.

      • Wow…question mark much?

      • Before you have a heart attack some municipalities that have in the past made it illegal to stay overnight in parking lots of places like Walmart are actually making it legal and places like Walmart actually want this business and the cities find the people staying overnight in Walmart parking lots and such are safer making it less work for the police.

      • Gee wiz, just shut up!

      • Cheese and RICE, Steve! Have you NO kind comments to add or are you SO eaten up with hate and discontent that you MUST drag people down into the very depths of the living HELL IN which you live?!?
        My GOD, Man!! I implore you to seek professional mental health illness assistance, get on some appropriate and helpful medication and just CHILL, Dude!
        Please feel free to STFU if you haven’t anything decent to say or helpful to provide.
        It is idiots like YOU who have bypassed Retard and have gone straight to Potato!
        So put on your insulated insanity jacket and return to your padded room.
        A village is missing their idiot and they’ve put in a call for you to return.
        Great Gobs of GOOSE SHIT, Man!

        • Hahahahaha!! That was as entertaining as the article. 🙂

        • Words Well Spoken! Thank you for putting into words, what the rest of us are all thinking!

        • hahahaahhhaahaahaaaaaaaa! best ever !!!

        • Your as much of a mouth off as your intended victim.

      • Dude, you have some SERIOUS issues with sharing information and ideas, don’t you?!? You didn’t get enough hugs early on, did you?
        As for telling the whole world about one persons Stealth Trailer, I’m positive it isn’t the first or the last of its kind. Nor do I think that LEO’s will be stopping and searching every trailer out there just to see if has been converted or up to nefarious deeds. Well, nobody but you, that is, since you obviously seem to have SOMEthing to hide.
        In the meantime, do take your meds and snag a couple of naps. You surely need them ALL!

      • Wow Steve why are you such a hater?!? This is a great idea. You should build one and line it with foil so the aliens don’t read your thoughts!

    • Wow! I love that idea. Brilliant!

  2. I love the trailer in the article here. It’s inspiration for me and gave me the idea to build one out. Thanks.

  3. do you have blueprints or a detailed floorplan?

    • Did u ever get the blue prints?

      • Yeah I want to see what the layout actually is and where everything is located. It is a sweet build. I love how sleek it looks.

  4. It’s good to see others following a sensible trend as we are. I will follow this story and add the appropriate link to it our own blog at Best wishes a great looking build.

  5. i imagine no floor plans will ever be sold for this type of thing bc they probably don’t want anyone copying it. I wouldn’t. Your best bet would be to get your trailer and employ your own knowledge and make your own.

  6. …Is there a bathroom on-board?

    • I bet you could easily buy a composting toilet and you’d be set!

    • Mine has a toilet and a pressurised 25 gallon water tank for a small place for washing hands. Mine looks less than a utility trailer than this one does. I took a 16 foot camp trailer, stripped it down to the frame because the trailer was old and crapped out. Made it into a utility trailer and registered it as such. Built the accommodations and set it up to be installed or removed with a built on winch. There are millions of RV tank dumps everywhere. For the long narrow septic tank, I obtained an aftermarket diesel fuel tank. These projects are not cheap or easy, but they do keep us away from thieves and other predators. There are a million truck stops that you can pay a small fee to use the showers etc. Don’t knock it unless you have tried it.

  7. I like your blog. Looks like a nice trailer. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  8. Awesome, and my husband has been talking about this for years but I really wasn’t sure how it would turn out and looking at yours, I’m saying “let’s do it” let’s build our own RV. We have a miniature dachshund and we won’t travel becuase we don’t want to leave her behind-and we have had RV’s before, but quality is cheap and not the way you want it.

  9. Where can I find more info on this build?

  10. I would love to have a trailer where it looks unremarkable from the outside, but are fully stocked inside. I will have to see what I can do about doing some customizing on trailers. Getting a larger one to make it a full sized travel assist would be fun.

  11. Trailer looks great. But make sure when you leave fake comments you use a fully working keyboard

    • Take off the tin foil hat. It is having the opposite effect from intended.

  12. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m digging the idea, but, I would need a shower and toilet, and how much does this sucker way? The design is okay seems a little Sterile to me I guess I’m more of a hobbit type of person. If you know what I mean.

    • Two axle trailers if they are 6k axles can therefore max out at 12k total. It started out as a horse trailer so probably 6k or 7k axles. If you are concerned about your vehicle towing it, I bet it is under 4k or 4.5k. He built it light. Certainly isn’t as heavy as a bigger camper trailer. I like the idea and agree that a bathroom os some sort would be a plus, but very clean concept! Thx.

  13. I’ve been looking at my 16 ft trailer for the same use. living in Sw.Florida. bugging out if a hurricane has a bead on where I’m living.

  14. Cool concept but can u customize how you want it made

  15. I would love to see some plans for that bed. Even if you wanted to sell them. The application is perfectly suited to other uses.

  16. Me to I need to Format to build one like it. I hope that I get it

  17. I would love to convert the trailer that we already have to something like this. Love the bed design and the use of recycled and light materials. The best part is that it looked so good when finished! Any hints on how to get started and where to get materials would be appreciated!!!

  18. Please share plans of applicances how to work off grid and wiring?

    Very nice and does not draw attention.

    Dr. Tom

    Dooms Day Preppers Season 2 , The Day of Reckoning

  19. Would like to know what the whole solar system is

  20. I like this one about best design. Have a truck camper for my deully; pull trailer with our motorcycles. But think this a better way; like a toy hauler. Could then pull with my Explorer.

  21. Go to and look under “cargo trailer conversions”

  22. Thing is, solar panels and satellites keep it from being stealth.

    • The satellite, sure. But the solar panels could be discreet… Couldn’t they?

      • Solar panels are very discreet and can be made nearly invisible. I used AGM type deep cell batteries because they don’t give off gasses and last about twice as long as flooded batteries. I don’t have satellite dish, way too out there. You can get all the entertainment you need with an unlimited data plan on your device and there are adapters available that go from lightning to hdmi for your apple device….

  23. Actually saw this one last summer traveling on I-84 East outside of Boise, Idaho. Definitely Stealth! – with a capital S and ! – I had no idea it was a camper until I saw the pictures on the Internet. Thanks for sharing pics of your very well done stealth camper. Clean, crisp, creative, and quality build!

  24. Love the idea and would love to live small and mobile like that. Who needs an actual house unless you have a family. But I don’t notice a bathroom or stove. Then again, how much can you fit in a 16 foot trailer so I guess I’d need a bigger trailer.

  25. My wife and I just bought a used 2016 Wells Cargo 7×14 V-Nose and are fitting it out with house cabinets, futon with a real mattress, portable A/C vented in the floor, some type of toilet to be determined and will even have it’s own Wifi system.

  26. I would LOVE to know the approximate cost of this build! What about using a 60′? That would just be just 1 size smaller. This would be perfect for ALL of our purposes! Thanks for any info!

  27. I’m in the process of 8.5×16 cargo trailer conversion with solar panels full bath and back up generator. I have plenty of family and friends that would let me camp out on their land for a nominal fee if permanent. Pretty cool site BTW!

  28. How do I get one?

  29. Has anyone been in contact with the OP to see if a floor plan at least can be divulged? I come back to this site and post specifically and periodically to see if a floor plan has been posted. But after all these years, still CRICKETS! Hmm
    Most folks who are so inclined to build something similar would likely have their own idea(s) of what they’d want or need but a layout on this particular version would be a GREAT way to get the creative juices flowing. Especially if looking to scaling it up or down.
    I find I funny how some folks are so tight lipped about their “creations” as to be unwilling to share.
    Reminds me of my ex-brother in law and his “secret family recipe” for his meat marinade!
    He was SO ANAL about it that even though I was FAMILY, he refused to tell even ME, who was, BTW, “FAMILY!”
    No great loss to me in the end as he turned out to be a PITA to deal with even though I would go FAR out of my way to help HIM when he needed help but he could never bother to reciprocate.
    I’m happy to say that after my divorce from his sister that KARMA was served to him on a nice big platter! LMAO He got his, I’m happy to say! 🙂
    What a Maroon! Sheesh and SMDH

  30. I love the concept and the design behind the inside. The problem I see is that bugging out may or most likely to involve some rough terrain, which, because this is set too low with a significant overhang from the wheels, it will catch up or drag over washouts or drains in these locations. Fine for paved roads and built up roads, but that is not the exact intention. Bugging out inherently means hiding out away from all that. It will be easy, but not cheap (unless you have enough gear and able to do that work yourself) to set up to a more clearance friendly level.

  31. Looks like a great idea. I for one would like to know roughly how much it costs. I often wonder if I bought a something fitted similarly if it would be much more? This is something I am very interested in doing, but being somewhat limited because of a leg prosthetic, wonder if I could do a build.
    I think that many of us who wrote a msg, that maybe like me, need a starting place for a design that works for us. Along with an approximate cost to see if our budget and $ would be enough to get it built.

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