Building A Tiny Business Survey

A few months back we did a Tiny House Chat on building a small business in tiny houses.  The concept was on The Tiny Life, we talk about how you live tiny, how to live in a way that inspires you, in a way that you follow your passion.

What I realized one day that it was important for me to begin to match my career or how I earn an income to the way I want to live in my tiny house.  It’s been a big shift in thinking for me because I’m about to move into my tiny house and not having rent or a mortgage has changed my financial situation so positively that I can now live and work in a way that suits me more.

takeoursurveySo it got me thinking about working with a few awesome people that specialize in making an inspired life, living/working in a location independent fashion, building a business that suits me and then also sharing my own experiences and know-how.  We are kicking around the idea of running a destination workshop on how to do all this and wanted your input.

So today I have a quick survey that I’d love your help with its just a few short questions and I think tiny house people would be interested in not only learning to live tiny, but how to match the rest of their life to tiny houses, follow your passions and live life as an adventure.


Take the survey here:


  1. I’ve an interest in customizing my living space. Whether I ever build a Tiny House (or have someone else do it for me) remains to be seen. I am trying to maintain as much independence as inexpensively as possible. As someone who plays music, I’d like to be able to hold on to as much of my “Stuff” as possible (Instruments, Written & Recorded music, Tools). I am trying to devise the smallest (but comfortable/efficient) living space possible (right now in a basement, possibly devising modular units that could be relocated elsewhere later, possibly a Tiny House interior).

  2. This is very important because most entrepreneurs live beyond their means and ended up causing the business to crumble.

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