Boulevard of Broken Dreams


The disenchantment of suburbia, of McMansions, or mass consumptions for all of us here is no big mystery, but for many they still longingly cling to this view.  I know of a few neighborhoods around Charlotte that have stopped building mid-stream.  Rio Vista, California is no exception, in fact, it is an extreme.  With the set staged to roll out massive swaths of tract homes, builders folded left and right, leaving it all behind in a wake of bankruptcy.  I can’t think of a better example of why the old ways are broken, why we must rethink our housing and how Tiny Houses might fit into all that.  The photos are pretty astonishing.


Check more photos out here

  1. great- yet eerie photos!


  2. If nothing else can convince developers to refrain from force-feeding the American public repulsive subdivisions, these pics should certainly do the trick.
    Thank you for getting the word out.

  3. The sad thing is to imagine how many dreams was completely destroyed in each one of those pictures. McMansions are bad, but we should think, as well, the “human cost” of this crisis, not just que “economic cost” of it.

    • just imagine how many people could live there if people were to wise up and stop trying to turn a buck on everything. In my post “A Dialogue of hope” I talk about these cottage communities that fit 12 homes on 2/3 of an acre and are gorgeous, while promoting local economies and interaction with your neighbors.

  4. I hear ya Ryan- and checking our your post real soon. Thanks!

    Lloyd Kahn just blogged on it too!

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