Awesome Urban Gardner

  1. This is lovely! We are planning something like this–thanks so much for the link. But I wonder, what would happen if the beds were raised about another foot or so so I could garden from my chair? Maybe have different heights of beds?

    • I think that is a great idea, I plan to make raised beds so that I can simply stand straight up, to increase ergonomics and save my back. They might have to be narrower so you can reach all the way across.

  2. is truly inspiring! I wonder what his neighbours think about it, they don’t seem yet to follow his path. what a pity!

    I started to grow veggie garden and am looking to improve the quality of the food. Raised bed garden may be the answer.

    • I found that it was the only way to have a garden here in the south. The soil is generally pretty good for nutrients, but it drains really poorly, so water would pool and things started to rot.

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