Awesome Tiny House Kitchen

The one area that I was always lukewarm on with many Tiny Houses was the kitchen, but today I wanted to share a awesome video of a great kitchen in a Tiny House that my friend Libby shared with me.  What I really like about this kitchen is the nicer finishes for the toaster over, a full washer dryer combo unit, and the hanging rolling door.  While I am not crazy about the main room furniture, I think it was really well finished and all the storage in this house is amazing.  It just seemed to have some really large spaces that you could tuck a long of things away in really well.


  1. Kitchen is one of the most important part of any house. This will work for shipping container homes as well as a tiny house. Awesome.

  2. It looks pretty nice but I do see one big safety concern. On the porch, the balusters are going horizontal instead of vertical. This would allow a small child to climb up and onto the railing and then fall to the ground. When you are only 2 1/2 feet tall that is a mighty big fall.

  3. Who makes and markets this home?

    • This home is made and marketed by The Itty Bitty House Company based out of Holland, Michigan.

  4. Just beautiful. That clothes washer is a really good fit as well!

  5. The only thing that I would want differently, is a very small sink in the bathroom. Ikea has some very tiny sinks that would work well. AC is always nice, but that is b/c I have horrible allergies. How wide is the front door–it looks to be around 30″? I’m loving the washer, though. How much are they selling these for?

  6. Hi! Great kitchen photos!! I LOVE the tiny home movement and the idea of living in a tiny home. The quality of homes produced is awesome! While I believe in being green, and living with less stuff, and I loooove the houses I’ve seen, I don’t see it being for me. At the same time I’d loooove to have a small house. My husband and I aren’t strangers to smaller spaces. We shared a 375 sq ft apartment for four years (it was very comfortable and well designed), and now we share a 750 sq ft house (albeit poorly designed).

    However, being realistic, I have a hard time visualizing entertaining in a tiny house (smaller than about 1000 square ft). I like to be able to invite 20 people for dinner. In the winter!! Any comments about how one could do this with a tiny house? The only suggestions I could find is to change peoples expectations, and serve food “camping style” where you sit and eat with plate in lap, wherever you can find a spot. (Which doesn’t sound terrible)

    Also, ideally we’d like to be able to fit a band in the house to play. You know, drum set, guitars, amps, hahaha. This is almost humorous, but its true.

    I am hunting for a house at the moment, but think I will end up partially selling out on my “green life” beliefs because I don’t know how I could get a house like this to fit my lifestyle. Not to mention I live in Spokane, where “being green” is not a trend.

    I’ve googled some discussions on the web about how to entertain in a small space, but if you know of any other discussions on how to live in a small/tiny house and entertain, etc., please let me know! Thanks!

    • If you’re agonizing how to cram 20 people plus a band into
      this little house, you’ve missed the whole point of small space living. Do like most people all over the world (who don’t have a choice other than small space living)- entertain outside of your home. That’s what the ‘cafe culture’ is all about…. plus you are supporting your local restaurant & bakery businesses. If you must have that fully loaded band, rent a hall or community center. You’ll have plenty of space for all your guests and your neighbors will appreciate the peace & quiet.

  7. I agree with Rebecca. I would want a small sink in the bathroom. I don’t want anyone cleansing their face or shaving in my kitchen–no matter how tiny the house! 🙂

  8. Agreed. A+ on the kitchen. Not much on the couch however.

  9. the couch is just a built in option

  10. Very clever use of space. My only little niggle would be the kitchen shelves that are behind the bathroom door. There should be more shelves there, as spices and oils are not tall. The Haier washer is the type seen in Japanese apartments. In Japan there isn’t a hot water option for those washers. I assume this North American model is hooked up to both hot and cold taps. Drying would have to be done on a clothesline, hopefully there is one built into the back side of the tiny house – like a fold-down awning. Thanks for sharing this very nice structure.

    • I believe the washer has a built in drying capacity too, its an all in one.

  11. Awesome use of space and some very clever designing. I agree that there are some things that could be changed just the tiniest bit (to fit my personal needs anyways),but Iadmit I would have not thought of some of the design elements so efficiently either,LOL! Kudos to the designer-I got som egreat ideas for my own coning -soon small house (12×24 converted shed,288sq ft) 🙂

  12. I love this! However could i add a small couch myself instead of the built in one? And eliminate the huge desk and only have one on the side about 2 feet long just for a printer/laptop? And have my own 32 inch tv installed? Any plans to build myself?

  13. Nice use of space…question, is the toilet a UDDT composter? Plumbing, why copper and not pex?

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