Awesome Tiny Guest House

So Hal over at our Facebook Page posted this really awesome video of his Tiny Guest House, you just have to watch this video to see all the ingenious ideas.

  1. This is the most INGENIOUS tiny house I have seen so far. The garage door bed just blows me away! It is as neat as a pin.

  2. That is a really cool idea! I do have a question that tree on the roof won’t it grow to big to be left on the roof?

  3. Rivenfae – the tree was on the lower level of lawn, not the roof…so no worries.

    That has got to be the best sleeping setup I’ve ever seen for a tiny house! Lofts are great, but that doesn’t cut out any headroom or make you climb down a ships ladder every morning to get to your tea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is absolutely incredible… I love it.

  5. I am so blown away by this tiny house. The ideas are amazing.

  6. Thanks everyone! Glad you all like it. The tree is, in fact, planted on a lawn above the “grotto” (not pictured) but in a section that will allow its roots to find their way as far into the earth as it wants to. In return, hopefully, it will give me hazelnuts!

  7. What an amazing little home. Such a creative and inventive gentleman!

  8. I like it but have a sew safety issues. The main one is the electrical power socket and light switches in the bathroom. The whole room is the shower stall. I’m seeing being in there taking a shower and the water hits the socket. ZAP!!!!!

  9. Have no fear Ogunshi. I’m an electrician. All GFIC protected…

  10. Also, the shower head was carefully chosen to spray down rather than out. It’s also a fairly low pressure, high volume shower head. I gave this a lot of thought and shower tested it. Believe it or not, it’s damned difficult to get the water anyhere near the switches-

    • From the video I already know this, but you don’t have long heair do you? (say nothing that my wife in the shower is much like a hurricane, water gets everywhere)

      But that all that aside, I do need to say I like some of the ideas you have going on in there. I love the bathtub in the floor. (does it get dirty with it being there? As in does it somehow collect all the floor dust?)

  11. Very cool. The bed/couch modified like a inverted garage door is ingenious. That’s something I definitely have never seen before. I also really like the van mirror being used as the bathroom mirror. Thanks for the post.

  12. Ogunshi-
    Haha! It’s true! My hair has deserted me! The tub does pick up some floor dust and it’s not worth the effort to make a better seal. I just rinse it out before use. I call the aesthetic “rustic” 😉
    Thanks! I call that my Van-ity mirror. ha, ha… I call the bed a garage door murphy bed. You’d be surprised how long it took to figure out all the particulars and make it work right. The main idea was that it had to be simple to operate and still be able to be used as a bed, bench, or chaise lounge. I wanted it to be one button only. I’ve seen way too many brilliant designs where the designer forgot that not everyone loves mechanism for its own sake and makes things unduly complicated. Same with the table. I saw a video of a guy in a very cool tiny house but his table was an acrobatic excercise to get out and set up. It would have been used exactly once. I was hoping for simple, functional, and self explanitory. Some things I feel great about, others may be better the next time. If Ogunshi keeps after me about it I might put a cover over the light switches… 😉

  13. Hal, can I come and be a guest?! 😉 I can tell you had as much fun designing and building this as your guests will using it. Brilliant and unique ideas not just copy-cat. I may even ‘borrow’ some things for our homebuilt 5′ by 12′ travel trailer. Thanks!

  14. Awesome on all levels. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Chickadee-
    “Borrow” all you want. I could jealously guard all my secrets while I patent them and then discover that they were a good way to use up my remaining years getting bitter and impoverished or I can share them, and in doing so, give myself permission to steal from others with impugnity! Write me if you want clarification on anything or if you come up with good improvements!

  16. Thanks, Hal, you’ve gained some good Karma after sharing this creation.

    The only thing left to add are some storage options and kitchen comforts for guests. The best thing to do is live in it yourself for a weekend and see what a guest would need. In our trailer, ROO, I use wire bins, old wooden boxes, and wicker baskets screwed onto the walls for small storage. Oh…and hooks!

    (Oh, and the little fridge door needs to open the other way. ;-))

    Thanks, again!

  17. Chickadee-
    I’m already adding things as input comes in. New towel bar yesterday. I wish the fridge door direction was changable but this is the one they had at Goodwill and, sadly, it’s the way it is… Part of my reasoning on making the kitchen super simple is that I live the middle of a neighborhood that people visit for the restarants and, as such are unlikely to be making their own meals here. I stuck with the absolute basics; a fridge (with the door on the wrong way) to keep some milk cold for your coffee, a kettle for heating water for said coffee, and a microwave for anything else. I’ll probably come up with some sort of tiny dish basin and coffee pot soon-
    As to storage, there are 2 fairly large shelves between the “kitchen” and the bathroom. In most cases people will either be sleeping on the loft or the bed. One or the other can be a place to throw stuff. There are the baskets up in the loft that, once you take the bedding out of them, can be used to put your stuff in. Some small shelves will be added soon as I work out where they won’t get in the way-
    I may also make an outdoor shoe closet-

  18. Hal, it’s fun to tweak! What’s your next project? 😉

  19. It’s awesome.

    I’m wondering how thick of a ‘mattress’ you could fit in there? It looks like you’ve cut the mattress into panels that fit with the garage door panels. Right?

    I know that yours is already done ~ but ~ I had a thought about the tiny fridge. Another option would be to buy one of those stand-alone water bottle dispensers that have the tiny fridge unit in the base. You’d be able to store only a few things, like: a pint of cream/milk, a small tub of margarine/butter, a small hunk of cheese, and even a couple of cans of pop/beer. Not only would that give you a huge bottle of water, but the controls on it would give you the option to make tea water. Thus, no need for the kettle! I paid approximately $100 (delivered!) on ebay for a brand new one.

    I’d love to see it when you’re all done.


  20. How can I see the video? I just have a huge square of where the video should be. Can someone re-direct me to the link or share the link? thanks!

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