Austin Tiny House Update

  1. Nice, lots of pictures! The house is cool but I’d need more built in furniture/storage, you know. I guess that could be added.

  2. Really nice. It’s cute. Only needs a toilet.

  3. If you fold the sides of the sink down, it fits nicely into the corner. The ladder can also be put against the wall to further open up the living area.

    There’s a composting toilet (and portable hot water heater) in the bathroom that you see with the shower door.

  4. Hot water, composting toilet. Add a little more storage area (on the tongue of the trailer?), and you’re good to go!

  5. It really is awesome! We visited Louis’ open house on Saturday and were VERY impressed. I’ve been considering a tiny house for a couple of years now, and being able to see one “up close and personal” really helped me put things in perspective. The layout was different than other floor plans I’ve seen, but it opened up the space well. And the kitchen area was SWEET! Great Job Louis!

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