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I wanted to give something a try, which I haven’t done before, but I think would be a lot of fun.  If you hang out enough on YouTube, you’ll see loads of Q&A videos.

The concept is simple, ask a question by either leaving a comment here or using the hash tag    #askthetinylife on Twitter

Questions can be about almost anything: tiny houses, living life tiny, my life, thoughts on a topic etc.  I will say interesting, amusing and unique questions get brought to the top of the list.

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  1. How do you insulate the pipes to keep them from freezing

  2. Not sure this will apply to a man but I am interested in Tiny Houses and am married. The one thing holding me back is that I am an artist and my studio storage would fill one tiny house by itself. So my question I guess is – Is it possible for someone who has a lot of stuff for working at home able to do tiny living?

    • Carmen,

      I know your question is for Ryan but, I am also a painter and when I started thinking about my own tiny house I felt like I hit a brick wall. I am subscribed to, I believe, all tiny house movement news. Soon after tiny house listings began I started seeing quite a few tiny house shells and some are even done in the interior. Some don’t even have a bathroom. I mention this because if you already have one in your living quarters you don’t need one in your studio. I finally knew how to solve my problem. When I take the plunge, I will have my complete tiny house for living and I hope to purchase at a fair price a done or almost done shell for my studio.

      Here are a few examples of what I mean:

      Hope this helps with ideas.

      • That is the way I was leaning too. A tiny house and a tiny studio. Thanks

        • I think skylights and only one window would be necessary as well

  3. How easy is it to insure the tiny homes?

  4. Discuss some of the significant differences between fixed and movable tiny homes.

  5. I favor the “permanent” small house. Can you compile a legal minimum size for the states and Providences? I know that counties and cities get into the act of regulating public health. Are any of the schools getting evidence based data relating to this issue?

  6. Are there any good statistics available concerning the amount of recidivism existing for tiny home dwellers who, so to speak, packed it in, and went back to living in a larger domicile?

  7. Hi,
    I’m curious why there doesn’t seem to be any tiny houses built with Gambrel style roofs. It seems a logical way to me to increase the size of the loft and give the inside a bigger feel. Is there a structural or other reason why this is not done?


    • Ramon, Have you googled TINY HOUSE GAMBREL ROOF ? There are quite a few of them , even some free plans for a micro with gambrel.

  8. What are the most critical mindset adjustments necessary for successful, long-term life in a tiny home? My question goes toward a good life within a tiny home (and not toward constructing a tiny home).

  9. What materials will we see emerge in the future, not only for regular housing, but also for tiny houses? I see people are making materials out of mushrooms, and surely biological materials will be a thing of the future.

  10. Has anybody built a tiny house on wheels using 2×6 tongue and groove plank walls with interlocking corners or is that a really bad idea? The house in mind would only be moved every couple of years if that and it’s in a fairly mild climate. Sort of one of those “log cabin” shed kits on wheels but DIY.

  11. If you could redesign your tiny house, what would you have changed and do you feel the trailer size is adequate?

  12. Can you discuss larger tiny houses that are still on wheels.

  13. Someone’s post said they insured with Progressive, and Progressive was very easy — essentially! no-questions-asked. Can you please verify that? thanks.

  14. SMARTSPACE is leading the field for innovation in tiny spaces. *Can you start a web area featuring innovations? (You can see the SMARTSPACE video on LifeEdited under “The smartest space in San Francisco.” 290sf) For example, they have a great “appliance garage” with shelves to hide a microwave, induction oven, blender, etc behind a semitransparent sliding screen. And a nice-looking 2-piece fold out couch/bed — and NO LOFT (!) THANKS

  15. I have everything I need for a tiny home–EXCEPT..I want to live in town (Eugene, OR) and have been trying to work around zoning laws. As an RV, I can only stay in one place for 30 days at a time. As a tiny house on a foundation, it is illegal for me to pay the owner of the land. Are my options: (1) to buy land? (2) to move out of town? (to find someone more elderly than me who needs help and move on as a helper? I know different communities have different zoning and I’m figuring this will change in a few more years, but I want to be one of the forerunners. I’m ready and anxious to move forward with my tiny home!!!

  16. I am a handicapped person that for the most part uses a wheelchair that requires a larger then normal door and pass way to use. Do you have any ideas for those of us that have special needs?

  17. What do you do for water? I don’t ever see how plumbing is dealt with in a tiny house. Heating, cooling, cooking, refrigerators, compost toilets, I get, but what about the water source?

  18. what did you use to draw your building plans?

  19. I am concerned about not being able to build in enough storage and I definitely want a washer and dryer. Do I have to give up a lot for laundry and storage?

  20. HI. Regarding Pam’s question about THs for people with disabilities. Please Google Little House on a Trailer, Petaluma, CA. Steven Mitchell has designed Home Care Cottages to ADA standards – – wide doors, bathroom with space to turn a wheelchair around, under sink space for knees if in a wheelchair, ramp, pantry access, downstairs sleeping with a loft for a caregiver, etc. Very thoughtful design! The prices look quite reasonable, although I don’t know how much finish work that includes. I believe he was looking into partnering with a mobile home company for some basic structural components and then finishing by hand. Just have a look at his website. Best regards –

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