Algae: Green Gold?

There has been allot of buzz today about Algae being used as a substitute for fossil fuels.  There has been allot of talk of this for many years but it has recently ramped up its efforts.  Exxon Mobile this year invested 600 BILLION dollars into Algae, that should tell you something about how confident they are in oil being around for the long term.  Its sickening to think what Exxon spends on its pet projects is over half of our national budget.  Here is a great video about how Algae production and use is a viable alternative.

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  1. Its nice to see someone looking into something other than corn for our biofuels. It's no secret that corn is very hard on the soil, and requires a good crop rotation in order to be grown sustainably. It's also no secret that the ethanol/biodesiel markets are driving the cost of corn way up, making it's costs to the grocery store more higher.

    While I completely believe that biofuels will be a strong part of our immediate energy crisis, it shouldn't be done at the expense of the much more important food production. Until battery technology gets to the point where a car can be charged in seconds as apposed to hours, it's going to remain that way.

  2. Ah, The old food vs. fuel myth about ethanol. Go read a book on the subject if you want to know more than oil propaganda. I suggest "Alcohol Can Be a Gas" by Dave Bloom. He is a California Organic Farmer and has a habit of telling the truth, good or bad about ethanol, green energies and industrial agriculture.
    Just for reference today corn costs $315/ton or 16 cents a pound. How much cheaper should corn be?

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