Guerilla Gardening


I have been trying to get a Guerilla Gardening group togeather where I live as of late, but its harder than I thought, most folks look at me like I am crazy.  Guerilla Gardening is essentailly covert planting of gardens and flowers in public spaces to enhance it.  Most often this is done without permission, which stems out of so much red tape when it comes to doing the tiniest thing.  Its insane really how many hurtles we have to jump through to plant a flower in dirt.  I found this awsome site with covert methods of planting seeds.

check it out here: Here



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  1. Hey Ryan,
    Sorry to hear you've been having a hard time getting a group together. I would recommend starting on your own or maybe one or tow friends. We started a group in Los Angeles a little over a year ago and people are really excited about what we're doing. Find a spot really near to where you live or work and plant a seed or one plant covertly. You don't need an army to start a guerrilla garden. It all starts with on seed. Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

    Mr. Stamen,

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