5 Reasons You Should Date A Tiny House Person

Over the past few weeks I have been doing interviews of tiny house people for a secret project I’ve been working on and from it sparked an idea for a post!  After talking with a ton of tiny house people I have come to see quite a few commonalities and these made me think…  So here is the top 5 reasons you should date a tiny house person.

1. Tiny House People Are Awesome People

I say this all the time and its because it’s true, by in large people who live in tiny houses and even those that are interested in the tiny house movement are really amazing people.  There is just a lot of things that they just intuitively get about our world and different things in it.  They are really nice, very chill people who are just like you and me, but they always seem really friendly and happy people.

2. Tiny House People Make Better Lovers

299105_2237701427665_1194569782_nTiny house people have moved into a tiny house because they have realized one thing: there are more important things in life other than their material possessions.  Namely relationships.  We have decided to remove ourselves from the material world and focus on the people around us.  We are doubling down and saying “you matter to me”.

Now when it comes to adult time in tiny houses, because we all know that’s what you were thinking about, it means that we have to get creative make the extra effort to pull it off in that small little loft.  Or we might be seeking some more exotic locals, whatever it is just know, we’re up to the challenge.

3. We Got The Money Thing Down

The number one reason cited for divorces is money.  It’s a very sad thing, but it is a reality of this world we live in.  When you live in a tiny house you have removed the largest expense most married or serious dating couples have to face: rent or mortgage.  Instead of paying crazy amounts to the bank each month, we have been banking it and it helps smooth out life’s ups and downs so that they don’t really impact us anymore.

4. We Are Passionate People

Quote-Find-your-PassionYou meet a tiny house person, they are passionate people in general.   If it wasn’t enough that they said “I’m going to build a whole house, even if I have never swung a hammer before” and then did it, they are often invested and driven about many other things in their life.  You should be so lucky that they become passionate about loving you!

5. We Know Ourselves, So We Know What We Need

Many times when a relationship ends it is because we thought that person was the right mix of things, but ended up not being.  Tiny house people have a way of packing in a lot of life, even if they haven’t been living for that long.  We have come to know and understand ourselves very well and by living in a tiny house we have had to defend that against people who are critical of the life we lead.

When you know yourself, you know that you are an amazing person and for the most part you don’t need anyone else.  You are self sufficient, heck you just built a whole house on your own!  So when it comes to relationship you don’t need that other person, you want that person, which is a powerful thing.  Since you value relationships, you know what you need to put into a relationship and what you need to get out of one for you to harmonize with it.


So that is the top 5 reasons you should date a tiny house person.  So there are 5 more reasons other than they live in an awesome tiny house!

  1. i love this post! I’d like to think it’s totally true but I am really trying to get my boyfriend to do a guest post on the same topic. I’d love to see the other perspective! 🙂

  2. Tiny house folks have goals and interests and think outside the box.
    Many are socially responsible,too, and IMO those qualities make for a healthier relationship
    since they would likely have similar values.

    I am single BTW and looking 🙂

  3. TH’ers have fewer responsibilities in terms of maintenance and monthly costs so that is all the more resources available for spending time with your pooh-bear.

    I think my ideal would be to meet that special someone who already has his own TH, too. We could park them next to each other and share a common porch. I won’t give up my TH and I don’t expect or want someone to occupy my home exclusively, but living side by side would certainly work.

    So one might ask, for fellow TH’ers, are you living in a TH until you meet someone to move in with, or do you intend to keep your house after meeting that special someone.

    Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone had a TH? You meet someone and you move your homes together, you share space when desired, but you still maintain your space and individuality. But, and there is always the but, if things don’t work out, just hook up and go.

    Is there such thing as a TH dating site?

    • LOL to your 9:03 response to my comments Eric, I did say it was a pretty good 34 years; she was a patient gal for 30 of them. We still talk, over the phone, from a distance, it’s not a good, but a great relationship now. Did I mention from a distance. Na, you want to keep it friendly, I hate to argue.

      I have been reading your post over and you are being elevated to number one advisor and my problem is a fixed location. It doesn’t move, in BC if you grant access even verbal, well, there are some old laws on the books to contend with. The, “yours and her” porches is an idea to consider, maybe with some space between them. You kind of jolted me into the realization that I managed to keep this! Ya, I guess I am the guy that would keep his TH, Come to think of it, that did seem a little easy compared to even a fridge, (but that was a nice fridge) and the last two are living in what they wanted, you know, the extra bedrooms, wasting space living rooms, bathrooms (there are s’s on those words. Who needs plural anything, come to think of it, neither (oh wait a minute, two, those wives, neither, dam, that’s a lot of plurals, “I’m in the trap”) wanted anything to do with this place and I believe there was a LOL on the bottom of the Dower forms which the last one is very anxious to sign. Hum maybe there was some glitter on the bottom of the form, she liked glitter, did I tell you about the fridge Eric, double door, led lights, it glittered and she got the fridge.

      Well, now you have me depressed, just when I thought a TH Date site would be for me, I am going to have to change my last name, I’m not that Sly after all, Certainly not as bright as the fridge either. Did I mention the led lights, open those doors and you thought you were entering a space ship, it was heavenly. Now, I could have lived in that fridge, I didn’t get any food out of it but dam she was a nice lady, fine looking lady, wow was she ever, (did you ever see an ugly lady Eric, no, me either) and like I said, nice, she did pack me some groceries, I got a box full of caned Kippers and Brunswick Sardines along with one can of Haricots verts, (sorry, all our product labels are bilingual here, I turned the can around, the English side tells me its Green Beans) Do you like verts Eric? If you find a porch buddy, I’ll send you the verts so you can share them with her. Believe me, they will still be on my shelf. Don’t say I’m not generous. Anyway, I think it’s time to put this to bed and go watch the carpenter ants eat my wall, Thursday is generally race night. I spray the bottom of the wall with some ant be gone and watch them rush to the ceiling, it’s a great sport and man can those little suckers knaw at the wall going up, they never quite but I had better or Ryan will block my future comments.

      What was this subject anyway? Trailers doing something, oh yes, TH’ers Dating TH people, (kind of prejudicial don’t you think) Oh, 5 reasons you should date a tiny house person. I can only handle one at a time and my ex may have had something when she told one of the kids if they seen the way I was living they would have me committed. I think that was a bit harsh, what do you think after reading this. But Eric has some merit in what he says; I just might sell up and go the trailer route. Neverrrrrrrr…. I aint pulling out! HAVE A NICE DAY…

  4. LOL, Ryan. As usual, your timing is very good and you entered the subject very tactfully! (Either that or I have become excessively yappy and feel I have to comment on all of your subjects) I touched on this one briefly in one of my recent comments to you and last evening in the Blog I am preparing on my final decision not to alleviate from tinny living, I elaborated on the very subject. I for one am not a person who can be or should be alone. A friend recently told me, he knows of no two people who are meant to be and try as I may, I can’t agree more.

    For love, I have always conformed to the mainstream lifestyle, during a pretty good 34 year relationship it was always meant to be that on retirement we would pack that in and downscale, travel, have fun, enjoy each other and life, chase the sun. Well, in theory it started off good, the old life was about 80% dismantled and the new was in the works, finances were strategically calculated and I was pleased that things were working out to be better than planned. (Just got lucky there) Then, one short week, while preparing the big house for tenants I got the “lets go to the cabin, I have to get out of here” OhhhhK, we are just about done but a break of this sorts, I am up for It. Then at the cabin, “I can’t do this” I thought she was just working too hard, and she was, so said ok, let’s take a few days in the RV and see some things. Then I was informed it was the scale down thing she could not do. Now, the overall finances and security changed big time. In short, she has the lifestyle she wants to live and I do also. (Without each other) Hey, we both came out of it not too bad off. I did hear that she told one of the kids if they seen the way I was living they would have me committed. (Just when I thought I had it pretty comfortable here “go figure”) Yep, my kids would interfere with the way Dad is living, they know far better than attempting that one. “QUESTION”, can people still have people committed. LOL

    But no, sorry, it didn’t end there, (I will try to be brief) not without another kick at a relationship with a gal who, her words, “would live in a tent with me”, totally enamored with each other. Four absolutely interesting years with much turmoil added in for flavor, the tent ended up being one hell of a nice house of her choosing with two very miserable people living in it. Now, the overall picture of finances and security changed to totally devastating. In short, she has the lifestyle she wants to live and I do also. (Without each other) Oh, I left the turmoil with her; she seems to enjoy it more than I.

    On the bright side, I can still achieve the tinny economical life style, I came out of it with the cabin, shack, (call it many things) intact and clear title, have to LOL, it is the only way to survival and fortunately can build a commercial venture into the cabin so the plans have certainly changed along with many other things.

    If you’re “secret project” is a dating site or a social network for people of our mindset, sign me up; have I given up on love, not for a second. My plans always include enough comfortable space for two. (Now it’s going to take a little longer to build it but I am not again going to deviate from the plan) To fit me in, you are going to have to add a section for financially strapped, somewhat vintage, a little feeble now, slow out of the gate and not the brightest light in the park. (What do you think my chances are? LOL) But Ryan, I have a secret weapon, I am extremely cute, love to laugh, love life and am an extreme romantic. Any gal believing that one is the gal creative enough to build on swamp land I’ll sell you and right up my alley.

    I think it’s a good thing people are absolutely committed to more than passion and infatuations with each other; they have to want a certain lifestyle and interests from the onset and be true to themselves before they can be true to a commitment to others. You are right in your description of personalities with this mindset; one has to be laid back, accepting of things that others may think are major issues and laugh at them. Some things take a little time to achieve and you have to just face them and do what you can, a high five a laugh and a hug signifies that one project is compete so let’s get on to another. Plan an evening by the fire pit and it rains, don’t put out the fire, pull out the rain gear and an umbrella, just one, its cozier with one. When conserving heat, put another blanket on the bed and snuggle a little closer.

    One may have a passion for something extremely important to them as an extracurricular activity, craft or art that is possibly not of great interest to the other but each has to support the other to explore their passions and respect their time and wishes to do so. Toss in monogamy and respectful admiration and then, life would be just about perfect wouldn’t it, “oh be sill my heart”.

    • hmmm, yeah. 34 years, that was the best you could do?
      I don’t know….
      Some, might look down on that, but, whatever…

  5. Tiny house people HAVE LESS BAGGAGE. ;D

    • You haven’t met me, I have storage garages full. What was that thank God for, oh you must have read my previous post, is that a vote for committing the fool.

  6. Do tiny house folks really have a thing for “exotic locals”? Or is it exotic locales that they go for? Either could work!


  7. That’s right, all of us TH’rs are known for our insatiable urge to nick artwork and stow it away in our tiny house wardrobes and cupboards. Jay Shafer does it, Dee Williams too, I certainly do it(I was thinking I should NEVER do a video about it… but, hey, kleptomania could make a good vid, lots of views, so…)

    Seriously Jess. I don’t think Ryan meant any harm.

    And I’m glad the issue came up. It was a terrible loss that Kim suffered. I can’t imagine how empty I would have felt if at 80% complete my TH would have been obliterated. I’m glad she has passed to see she is making progress in rebuilding funds.

    Real life happens.

    • Nice comment Eric, dam, you are my hero and I think every one of us would be devastated if that happened. A friend of mine just lost a large horse farm to fire and it was very heartwarming to see the people who rallied for them. One in particular who you would never have know it but he came through big time and has super respect from me, there were times I could have choked him but he choked me up with his generosity in time and fundraising.

  8. “not as bright as the fridge!” hilarious. regardless, of where or how you live….the fact remains; there will never be a definitive winner of the “battle of the sexes”. WAY too much fraternization with the enemy. ha

  9. Hey…what a fun topic and interesting comments!
    Honesty…I have had the idea of having a relationship with someone with a tinyhouse…next to mine for years. I like my “alone” time and space. But would enjoy a companionship that was nearby.

    Ralph if you are around 60 I would be interested in getting to know you.
    Maybe this could become a dating site for folks who live in Tiny Houses. :-D)

    • Jean, its and attraction already written in the stars, if you have follow up on your email you will notice I just flattered the other post on your lifestyle. I did not hit the reply on your comment but it posted just below yours. You realize we are giving Ryan proof that people would indeed be interested in dating another tiny house persons, we must put in a disclaimer that we have never met, knew nothing about each other until this evening and are not cohorts’ in any way. LOL.

      But wows us, distance, distance, distance, GA is a long way from BC to move my fixed building could pose a problem for us and others. I do however have a 32′ Class A back up, LOL, you do see the wheels turning do you not pretty lady and I am not blowing smoke with that statement because I had the privilege of viewing your site so feel somewhat qualified to make it. I am a bit of a non flying bird watcher also and appreciate beauty.

      You coined the subject well, it could be a fun subject, if not a full dating site, as are we, miles away, some 40 to 43 hours apart, dropping in poses some difficulty. I have already considered your standing offer of tea on your patio anyway. (See, I did read it) A means where others got to know each other through a profile of interests, life’s desires, extracurricular activities a little better than FB or following comments could indeed change some lives. A little more of an intimate thing! How would that be achieved, I have no idea but I am sure a young man like Ryan could figure it out. However, just in this short exchanged, I am flattered and yes, 65 in Aug. We share a great admiration of fathers, mine was fantastic and I loved him dearly, as did you yours. Just imagine what we would find out about each other if given the chance.

      Now Ryan, you have your ammo, go for it. Jean and I are not the only two who would be interested in knowing someone like minded to have a little more than what size of tire did you put on your trailer conversation. We were just tenacious enough to say it. And at the risk of embarrassing myself and a beautiful lady, mainly the beautiful lady, I will end this comment. Jean, I know where to find you, we will talk “later”.

  10. Wow, a dating site or even just a “meet your TH neighbors” site – lovely idea.

    I too have thought about the possibility of living alone but right beside a mate. Sounds great to me.

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