2015 Tiny House Survey

Every few years many of us in the tiny house movement rally to take the pulse of our community.  Who are tiny house folks, what kind of houses do they live in, and how many tiny houses are out there.  This survey is for people live in tiny houses now and those who hope to live in one some day.  The survey asks a bunch of questions on demographics, about your house, your life and what you’d like to see in the movement.

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The survey is of course optional, but we really hope you make your voice heard.  All the responses are kept 100% anonymous, (in fact no identifying information is collected) they aren’t used for commercial use and participating helps us get a better picture of the movement.  The raw data is used to run statistical analysis and the results are shared back with the community.  We also provide data to academic institutions who are doing studies on tiny houses.

Here is the survey, we hope you’ll make your voice heard in this:

  1. I quit halfway through your survey because: it does not give us the option of “N/A” which is standard in surveys. The questions are very narrow-focused and most would require a N/A response from me. In particular, the “plan to” questions don’t cover any of my plans. I already live in a small house, and am helping others build small homes.

    I wonder how many people in general could answer most of these questions. Please bear in mind that any questions regarding income should have an N/A option. This is the first survey I’ve seen that didn’t offer it. My income and the price/value of my home are my business, regardless of assurances regarding privacy and security.

    Love surveys, but this one was very narrow, and didn’t cover the “just thinking about it” or “already done it” people.

    Thanks for listening.

  2. I find it interesting that this survey completely ignores park model tiny homes and has decided that the term “Tiny Homes on Wheels” ONLY applies to those that are 350 square feet or less. Who decided that? Although they look like tiny mobile homes, park models are technically RVs, can be up to 400 square feet, and have been around for YEARS – long before “tiny” was cool. If the survey creators REALLY want to take stock of the tiny home “community” they simply cannot ignore the thousands of park model owners. Like any other structure on wheels, you cannot live in them full time and they usually have to be located in an RV park or campground which usually means you can only rent the land on which the park model is placed. But not EVERYWHERE!

    We have a WATERFRONT tiny home community on High Rock Lake in North Carolina that allows ONLY park model tiny homes with both lot rentals AND DEEDED lots. This allows the “average guy” to own waterfront with a pier. And guess what!! We are sponsoring The Great American Tiny Home Building Contest where the grand prize is a FREE waterfront lot (with pier) in our community. Please take a look at coralsandspoint.com for an example of what this survey ignores and to learn more about the contest.

  3. The survey is a bit broad but it’s a start. At least someone is doing a survey/research. Tweak it for improvement using solid research methodology and send it out again.

  4. We thought it was an interesting survey and definitely raised a lot of questions for us new, getting ready to build, tiny home people. We’re interested to see the data from this eventually and know the other kinds of people doing this. Thanks for your efforts.

  5. I am a 42 year old student. I have already raised 2 children in a 950 square foot house. I now rent a room that’s 54 square feet in a family members apartment. I have been reading and wanting to go to a trailer prefab or after seeing the movie Tiny Homes on Netflix, I have been researching building a tiny home with the help of a carpenter friend.

  6. I realize this survey was done back in 2015, but how can I access the results of the survey. I am looking to build and possibly sell thows and am looking for demographics on who is buying, building, and what type, size, amenities they want.

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