Yearly archive for 2013

Gypsy Vardo

I found a new Vardo built by a archeologist.  He didn’t have a name anywhere on his site, but his website can be found at the bottom at the “via” link.  He wanted to have a small place that he could stay as he went to the

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Marfa House

This is an interesting house that almost looks like a container home, but in actuality it is just a metal sheathed house.  While I’m not usually a fan of the rusted metal look, in the setting/landscape of this place, it suits it quite well.  Kinda of has

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Hakka Houses

I recently found these houses and was really interested in them because of the community centric design aspects.  The hakka houses have lots of smaller “apartments” in them so that many families live in them.  These circular houses have stood since the 17th century where their high

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