Monthly archive for March 2013

Outdoor Showers

Here in Charlotte, NC things have been warming up, while many places are getting snowed on, we have already had several days in the 70’s.  So naturally I start to begin thinking about my garden and we have been looking for some chickens to add to our

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Today we have a pretty neat small house that comes to us from Bunkie Co.  I find this house really interesting in many ways, first off its form is that of a iconic house, almost in a cartoon figure way.  Second most of it is CNC plywood,

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Tiny House, Squared

Unless you are building a round or organically shaped house made from cob or adobe (in which case, cool!), keeping the corners of your floor, walls and roof square is a critical task that lasts for the entire construction process. Constant re-evaluation of your squareness will make

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