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Hausmann Style Tiny House

At times I still wonder if 130 square feet is too small, but here is another example of a house this size that packs a lot of punch by utilizing the vertical.  Today’s post was pointed out to me by a reader, thanks Sergio! I have been seeing a lot of houses and apartments that are utilizing this drawer/sliding style of beds which I really like.  The elevated level brings depth to the house, but I wonder how it impacts the resident’s perception of size.  Does breaking the small space into two levels make it feel smaller or bigger?












Paper Bark Camp

This is a hotel room in New South Wales.  The resort hosts 12 canvas style tents and a restaurant, all of this is only a few steps away from the beach.  What I like about this design is the congregated metal roofing used at wall sheeting matched with the dark wood floors.   While this isn’t a complete house, this would certainly serve as a great temporary home while you build your tiny house on some land.








270 Square Feet Of Simplicity

There are some really interesting design elements in this house, one of my favorite is the shower, the kitchen is awesome in some ways, but in others I find it lacking.  The house itself is quite flexible in terms of use and has many multifunctional spaces.  I think the highlight of the video is him talking about the quote on his wall: simplicity is one of the most complicated virtues.

Wingnut Bookshelf

I found this really great shelf and it was a really interesting idea and seemed to have a design quality to it that resonated with the attention to detail that tiny houses do.  Here is what I found out about the shelf:

Unfortunately, the shelf is a concept only, but with the attention it’s getting we’re hoping it will become a reality.  That said, built into the shelf is a powder coated aluminum block that slides along a track allowing you to secure a small or large number of books.  The block tightens into place using a wingnut below the shelf.  It’s designed by Colleen Whiteley and measures 41″ long by 8″ wide by 11″ high.





Nindo Micro House

I posted a photo of the outside of this house a long time ago, but wasn’t able to come up with any more photos.  I have a fascination with modern houses that I am torn over, but this is a very normal house when it comes to the modernity spectrum.  The house is 146 square feet.  The house was built in Finland in less than three weeks costing $10,500.





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