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Refunc Ultra Tiny House

I found this series of videos that are from an artist who makes everything from reclaimed materials.  They style reminds me somewhat of Deek’s houses over at

Suite Viajera

This is a really classy traveling hotel room, with a stunning design, this might be one of my favorite hotel rooms I have ever covered. The room is a very open floor plan, that is being carted all around for people to see.  You can spend a few days in it as it travels around Spain and if you like it enough, you can even buy it!

reduced its energy consumption by 72% compared to a normal building, and to use 75% less water due to grey water reuse and rain water collection. 100% of the warm water comes from solar panels. The natural-coloured interiors are created using non-toxic materials such as wood and natural fibers as well as recycled and recyclable fabrics such as Ecoalf.


Taking A Moment…

Hotel Life Raft

This is a hotel that you can stay in for about $100 a night, they are old life raft/boats that have been re-purposed.  The designer specializes in making things from garbage and this is one of his latest creations.  While it is a neat idea, the interior leaves leave much to be desired for buy has real potential.




Desk For Small Spaces

If there is one thing that I like big, it is my desk.  I love a huge surface to work on.  Even though I don’t keep a ton of stuff on it, I usually have my work laptop and then my personal computer (with dual screens) and my desk organizer.  So I have struggled to figure out a way to meet my desire for a big desk in a tiny house.  Here is a neat desk that might just work.  What would be interesting is if you could make the desk a bit thicker (drawer a bit deeper) and inside it mount a monitor on a hinged arm.  This way you could open the drawer, fold up the screen and then use it.  When you are done, fold it back down to maintain clean lines and aesthetics.

To get what is going on here, the big drawer is actually opening backwards than we normally doing it, the drawer stays in place while the rest moves.  This might also be a neat way to hide a laptop or valuables.



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