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Scooter Caravan

So I don’t know if I am ready to run out buy a scooter to tow this, but it certainly is an interesting idea sent to me from Axel.  The mini caravan will cost you about $9,000 and features a full bed, basic amenities, you can even add solar panels to brew a pot of tea or power the radio.  I am always fascinated with this tiny campers, particularly the one I covered a while back (read it here).


$300 House Design Competition

A while back I spoke of the $300 house concept, basically designing a house that would be easily built for $300 for homeless and third world nations.  Well today They opened up a website to submit ideas for a Tiny House for this purpose, you submit a design and if it gets chosen, then you will $25,000!  That’s enough to build yourself a Tiny House of your own!

Click here to check it out

Luke’s Barely Habitable

This is one of the smallest apartments I have seen to date, at 78 square feet its pretty extreme!  This being in New York its obvious Luke eats out most meals, but still finds room for a small fridge.  He actually built all the furnishing himself, including the bed which is pretty neat.

Cube Project

This is a particularly interesting house, not only because it is Tiny, but because it primary focus is looking at the psychological effects of downsizing.  Dr. Page is working under the assumption that climate change will gradually force us to downsize quite drastically, but how will that impact us?  How will we cope with the change?  What are the factors that mitigate negative outcomes?

It is quite an interesting questions, when people are forced to downsize, what are the implications for our society?

Cube Project


Deceptively Small Apartment

I saw this apartment a while back, but after viewing the photos and not finding a square footage, I thought it was a larger apartment.  I then got an email from a reader (thanks Dallas!) to an article which stated it was 366 square feet.  We all know the power of light color pallets, natural light and combined that with a skillful photographer who makes it look big, this is a pretty neat tiny apartment.

The apartment is in Barcelona Spain, noted the drawers built into the stairs, also the floating stairs made of metal allows for more storage space.  The contrasting wood paneling is just inexpensive plywood done really well, it is a pretty interesting choice, but I really like it!


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