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Bladeless Wind Turbines

There are many that are hailing wind turbines as a viable solution to at least meeting part of our energy needs.  There are, however, some who aren’t quite ready to jump on board, because of some concerns, check our this video on some of the issues and one solution.

NY Times – Turbine-Free Wind Power from Antfood on Vimeo.

Retrofitting Suburbia

Great video talking about how we can take dreary strip malls and make them places we want to live.

Pia’s Houseboat

Another interesting house from Europe today, this house boat has a certain charm and sitting on the canals in Amsterdam makes it even better.



After poking around at a link that was sent to me by Lelia I found this interesting house style called a pigeonnier.  The word in french has two meanings; A house that pigeons and other game birds are raised in or a low rent apartment, often in a less than desirable part of town.  They have a very unique style, but what is uniform to most is they are taller than they are wide and they have gorgeous wooden beams.


Update On Berkley House

I stumbled upon a new tiny house video that actually has some shots of the Berkley House, which I covered here not too long ago.  People loved the house and I can see why, its such a great design and look. Check out this video to see it!

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