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Ecomatic – Sink Dishwasher

So one thing that I have often wondered about living in a Tiny House is if I will miss a dishwasher.  Now it is not for the reasons you think.  While convenience is a nice plus, the big thing for me is that it uses such hot water to clean, helps sterilize.  I am a bit of a germ freak when it comes to the kitchen, especially with raw meat.  Today I found what looks like to be a possibility from Electrolux.  This is a sink and dishwasher in one.  While it only has a limited capacity, it will certainly help out.  It also uses some green technologies to help reduce water consumption and power consumption.


The Cabin – Sweeden

Here is another neat room in the sky.  This tree house is designed so you walk among the tree canopy to get to the house, you then drop down a ladder into the tree house.  The tree house is actually suspended from the deck you walk to it on.

The site of The Cabin is chosen with regards to our ideal: high ground with a steep slope, providing a great view of the valley of the Lule River.

When visiting Harads to view possible sites, we formulated an idea around a horizontal approach: a footbridge leading to a spacious deck. It offers the potential for future expansion, with additional tree houses and footbridges (as well as viewing platforms and places to rest). The basic shape of the deck comes from the supporting trees in the slope. The actual tree house is suspended from the deck. This will hide the volume of the building to a certain degree. The deck is slightly separated from the building in order to make it appear smaller and also to allow the building its own expression.

We played around with the angles and rounded off the corners lengthwise. It now looks like a capsule or cabin, an expression we feel comfortable with. While discussing the façade we decided to try an unconventional solution: engineered fabrics used on lorries and trailer covers. Manufacturers in this line of business use fasteners, fixtures and techniques that would be suitable, as well as intriguing, for this tree house.


Life Edited

The founder of has launched a new program where he has purchased a 420 square foot apartment and is taking ideas on how to design the space.  The winner gets their plan implemented and $70,000!  He just put out this very good video about the project and downsizing.

With some design and technology magic, we think 420 square feet can allow for working at home, space for 2 guests to stay over, a sit-down dinner for 12, lounge space for 8, and maybe even a steam room.

To find the best designs, Graham created Life Edited with Mutopo and Jovoto as an open challenge to design an ultra low footprint space. We’re inviting people to propose, discuss and evaluate designs with the goal of inspiring people to consider small living spaces.

More here

UPDATE: Tiny Tree Hotel Room

A while back I posted about this neat mirrored hotel room that was seated in the trees, almost blending in, check it out here.  But at the time it was simply a concept drawing, while many concepts don’t come to fruition, this one actually did!

It brings about a good question, Should your home do its best to blend in, to let nature be the focus, not the home?


Should your home do its best to blend in, to let nature be the focus, not the home?

Tumbleweed Study Plans

Today the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company launched it series of study plans to allow people to print off the basics and take it to their local contractor.  The plans will allow just enough information to get a price quote.  Once you do decide to pull the trigger, you will still need to purchase the plans ($500-$1000) but it give you the tools to take the first step!

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