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Makes You Think

This is a great song by Malvina Reynolds, listening to it makes you think about how strong social influences are.  Are these influences the best for us?  Do they limit us? Do they stifle us?  How does it impact our happiness? It makes you think….

Magic Bus

My friend Melissa found this one and sent it to me.   I was going to have a bunch of information on this particular mobile Tiny House, but the website is down.  Here is the link in case it does come back up, you all can read more about it.  I’ll try to update it as things become available.

Farms Of The Future

This video is a bit long, but it is really well done and give some major food for thought, no pun intended.  See how this UK farmer re-evaluates her family farm and its future.

Chickens In Their New Home

Recently I have moved the chicks, who are now all grown up, to their new home in the coop I built.  The first day was an adjustment for them because it was soooo hot outside, but they are doing well and seem very happy.

182 Square Foot Apartment

The Seattle Times has a great new article on a really Tiny Apartment that fit the needs of this bachelor.  Really interesting design elements here, especially the hidden soaking tube that is hidden under the floor!

Sauer likes this precision. Awkward spaces, wasted places annoy him. Two alarm clocks, two music sources, extra furniture. Needless, needless, needless.  “What I really wanted was one place with exactly what I needed and wanted. Quality is more important than quantity for me, and extra space only a problem,” he has written, describing his nearby too-big-for-him, one-bedroom condo.  To me he says, “I tend to like things in their place.”  And that explains it: The uber-cool, fully functional 182-square-foot home for two on the basement floor of a 102-year-old apartment building that Sauer is finishing after seven years of work. It could also have something to do with his line of work — airplane interiors engineering for Boeing. And education — a master’s degree in whole-systems design.


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