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Now Hiring!

It has been a really interesting time here at The Tiny Life.  With so many new people to our Tiny Community I find myself wanting to do more and more for you all.   I want to bring in other viewpoints, because a little variety would be welcomed, up until now I have done this with guest posts.   But today I am stepping up, I am putting my money where my mouth is, I am accepting applications.  I am looking to hire one writer to do a post once a week.

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Contributor Wanted

First and foremost, I want someone who is excited about a chance to share their passion, who cares about the Tiny House Community, all of which shows in their writing.  Not only will you have a platform to share your thoughts with thousands, but you can get a modest pay for it!

This is a paid position that requires the individual to deliver original content on a weekly basis, one article a week on Monday.  This position can be done from any location, so long as you are available via phone and have a high speed internet connection.   Each article will be 500+ words, will be original content and must include photos (yours or source via internet).  Payment will be on a monthly basis.

  • Must have a passion for Tiny Houses
  • Solid grammar, spelling and writing skills
  • A reliable computer w/ internet
  • Available for a post a week
  • Must be timely with deadlines

Deadline: 5pm on 7 / 26 / 2010

How To Apply

We want to be WOWED with your unique voice and awesome commentary! Please submit posts written specifically for The Tiny Life.   Please be familiar with The Tiny Life and our general style and format of posts for submission.

Send me

  • Resume
  • Short Bio (include head shot – see note below)
  • Two 500  word articles in Word format
  • Photos for each post (do not place in Word)

Email me the indicated files at:      ryan112ryan [at] yahoo [dot] com

Potential Subjects

These are some suggested topics, I am very open to just about anything that is relevant to what we do here.  I want you to help our community grow through great writing and your unique perspective.

  • Tiny Houses
  • Environmental Topics
  • Gardening
  • Sustainable Design/Building
  • Floor plans/House design
  • DIY Projects
  • Wow us with your own idea!

General Note: I will be reviewing all applications, applying does not necessarily mean you will be hired.  My final selection will be only one person for the time being, the person will be expected to post once a week, on Monday.

A note about photo: A few folks inquiring why I request this.  The reason I ask for it is that my goal is to develop a relationship with readers, having a face to connect to the voice brings in a personal element.   Ultimately it is their writing, personality and voice that will be used to choose who will get the position.  The photo will be used in the “about us” section, in an introductory post, and in some cases inline like you see sometimes with columnist.

That said, if someone really doesn’t want a photo of them posted, then I certainly would understand and wouldn’t force it.

TheTinyLife’s Most Controversial Posts

So continuing with this weeks 1 year anniversary celebration, here is some of the most controversial posts that I have done.  With lots of comments, tons of hits, these got people talking.

Tiny Houses Suck!

Go Green By Voluntary Extinction?

Covert Gardening

Ryan’s Favorite Tiny Houses

Here is my top 5 Tiny Houses that I have blogged about, what have been some of your favorite?

Click Images To See Full Post






Ryan’s Favorites

Here is a quick list of some of my favorite posts I wrote on this site.  This is part I of the happy birthday celebration for year one of this website!

Be Weird!

When the status quo has gone astray, we find there are other solutions might be the new”American Dream”

A Dialogue of Hope

Maybe there is hope?  A interesting conversation, leads me to realize that this generation might really care about important things.

The Difference Between a Tiny House & a Mobile Home

One question I get all the time when I say my house will be on a trailer is, “isn’t that just a mobile home” here is my take on it.

Happy Birthday To TheTinyLife!

One year ago I stood in a Tiny House talking with other people as passionate about Tiny Houses as I am.  The conversations sparked the creation of a blog about Tiny House and Tiny Living.

Well today this website is one year old, with thousands of readers a month, I have achieved much more than I had ever dreamed!  I had never written a blog, used wordpress, etcetera, but here I am.  I couldn’t have done it without all you, so thank you.

Some of the best things that have come out of this website is that I now talk with folks who have a fiery passion of Tiny Houses and Tiny Living.  It is inspirational to get emails from people who are jazzed up over living in 150 square feet!  I can’t tell you how much fun it is to email or talk on the phone with people who have taken up the cause or are inspired to make their way to a Tinier Life.

We are a great group of folks and every person we share the Tiny House Movement with begins to think.  Thinking about how we live, what size we live, can lead to action.  It is undoubtedly growing, our cause has been on NPR, MSNBC, Oprah, CNN, New York Times, tons of Local News and a massive online following.

This week will be a bit different, I am going to do recaps of some older works that many may have not been around for.  It will serve to catch you up and spark inspiration and drive discussion.

As always, feel free to email me at ryan112ryan [at] yahoo   {com}


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