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22 Easy Feng Shui Organizing Tips For Fall

Start Nurturing Yourself More – Clear the KitchenFeng-Shui

  1. Clear the clutter from the counters.
  2. Separate condiments from nutritional supplements.
  3. Make sure you have one nice spot to feed yourself, one nice place to nourish yourself and those in your family.
  4. Bring into your kitchen the last of the local produce and ingredients for healthy soups.

Warm Up Your Environment

  1. Bring some warm tones into the house by switching some throw pillows or throws; this will make the home feel cozier.
  2. Pay special attention to bringing some warm colors into your bathroom so it doesn’t feel cold in the winter (if the colors are cooler to begin with, such as blues).
  3. Get your heating system checked; clean the chimneys and fireplace; maintain your hearth.
  4. Stock up on yellow and orange vegetables for autumn food.

Welcome people to your home

  1. Make sure the front door entrance is clear. This is important at times of seasonal change since we tend to keep things there that we don’t need for the coming season.

Make Work less stressful

  1. Organize the area around your desk, since you will be spending more time indoors.
  2. If you don’t know where to put your piles, put them in baskets.
  3. Put your favorite books in a nice basket with a cozy throw and establish a reading nook.

Out with the old

  1. Go through the medicine cabinet and throw out all the medicines that have expired.
  2. Donate finished summer reading to the library or hospital.
  3. Recycle all your old newspapers and all other recycling. (It is hard to haul a lot in the winter.)
  4. Go through your closets as you are switching your clothes and take the time to put clothing aside that you are no longer going to wear and give it away. Except for formal clothes, if you haven’t worn it in two years let it move out of our life.

Other Fall Habits

  1. Flip your mattress to eliminate a groove from sleeping in the same spot; this is better for your spine
  2. Replace your emergency water supply.
  3. Check your pantry for emergency food supplies (and make sure you have a non-electric can opener).
  4. Clean out and check your car, including tire pressure (which changes at different temperatures.)
  5. Check your light bulbs and replace with energy efficient light bulbs so you ha

Guerilla Gardening


I have been trying to get a Guerilla Gardening group togeather where I live as of late, but its harder than I thought, most folks look at me like I am crazy.  Guerilla Gardening is essentailly covert planting of gardens and flowers in public spaces to enhance it.  Most often this is done without permission, which stems out of so much red tape when it comes to doing the tiniest thing.  Its insane really how many hurtles we have to jump through to plant a flower in dirt.  I found this awsome site with covert methods of planting seeds.

check it out here: Here



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