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I has some fascination with prefabs for some reason, this week I came upon a new one by Perform.  The 500 square foot house is essentially a box, but with some very stylish touches.  preform002The front is one large window, offering a huge amount of light and fresh air through a few operable panels.  What I would like to see is this same look, but where the entire wall of windows folds up and out of the way, bring the outdoors in…. Is that too cliché sounding?  The dark wood accents on the outside look great and the inside is a very light and open concept.  With a light stain wooden floor and white walls, the house seems quite spacious.

Being that I am a big cook, I feel this kitchen leaves something to be desired, but it isn’t too bad.  The whole thing comes fully assembled and is shipped via truck or boat.  The in factory construction apparently saves around 15% off the cost.  Another great feature is that it has a green roof and being that it is a flat topped roof, I have visions of picnics or teeing off with some bio-degradable golf balls, even though I am horrible at golf.  All in all it is a nice package, but a price has yet to be seen.




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Soon To Be 100th Post

I was trying to think of something fun to do for the upcoming 100th post, I can’t believe its almost here!

What are some ideas you all have celebrate the 100th post?

The Next Suez Canal

Global warming has long since been a buzz word.  With people crying at the top of their lungs on both sides of the debate: Is Global Warming real?  There are those that say it exists but its not manmade, other say it’s our own fault.  Regardless of your position, things are changing in our world as the temperature rises. new suez One major change is the polar ice caps are melting.  This has brought about an interesting consequence that could have a huge impact on our lives.   The ice has melted so much that it has opened up a passage way that a few freighters from the company Beluga have started shipping though!

This part of the Arctic was once thought to be impassible even by smaller boats because where ships are sail through now used to be miles of solid ice 100’s of feet thick.  All boats from Japan to Rotterdam, the largest port in all of Europe and the 6th largest metropolitan area in Europe, once had to around China, India, through the Suez canal to get there.

The trip took about 13,000 miles to get from Japan to Rotterdam, with this new route, it will take about 8,400 miles!  It will be interesting to see if this also bring up any national security issues for Russia or the EU.  This canal, while is a few years off from stealing the Suez’s business, is simply the largest leap in shipping in a very very long time.

What is more, is that by 2015, they expect this passage’s ice to have all but disappeared.  Hundreds of miles of thick ice will have melted by then, allowing ships to pass easily.   The question is: where does all that water go?  Read here about how 20 million people have already been displaced by rising seas in China.

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Leaf Plates


I saw these a long while ago at a Eco convention and really like not only the idea, but the look.  Verterra is a company that makes plates from dead leaves that are collected, washed, formed, heated and then sold as plates.   The line includes bowls, plants, party trays, one time use items etc.  Here is what they say:

Our production process is simple and transparent: After collecting fallen leaves that would normally be burned, we apply steam, heat and pressure to transform the leaves into durable products that will naturally compost in 2 months.
VerTerra products are made in South Asia, where our employees receive fair wages in safe working conditions and are provided access to health care.
They sell different sets such as a sampler which includes the below for $25.  Aparently people who have these will handwash these plates and can use the over and over.  It is not Dishwasher safe as the company uses no resins, epoxies, other chemicals.  These are 100% biodegradable. Check them out here
$25 set:
– (2) 4”x4”Party Perfect Square Plates
– (2) 6”x6” Party Perfect Square Plates
– (2) 8”x8” Party Perfect Square Plates
– (1) 10”x10” Party Perfect Square Plates
– (2) 3.5” Party Perfect Round Bowls
– (2) 6”x8” Party Perfect Rectangular Bowls
– (1) 8”x8” Party Perfect Square Bowls
– (2) 7”x8.5” Party Perfect Trays/Lunch Plate

Zen Habits New Ebook

Check out Zen Habits new E-book about minimalist living.  HERE