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Zero Waste House

Our friends over at Jetson Green found a great video about a family of four that create next to no trash.  In the video she shows just how much trash they have had in 4 months, which is amazingly little.  I really wonder how she is able to shop without all the packaging, she explains it kind of, but doesn’t go into details.

  1. That family is an amazing inspiration. Bea also writes a blog where she discusses more of their lifestyle choices. http://zerowastehome.blogspot.com

    • Thanks for the link! I will be sure to check it out 🙂

  2. I read an article somewhere about this family once. She shops at some stores in her town where they are willing to accommodate her using empty glass jars and other containers, which she brings in herself.

    She puts everything in these containers, and, near as I could figure, never buys anything that comes pre-packaged.

  3. Wow, this is amazing. Our family is on a zero waste challenge and after only one week, it seems so easy and I see that you are living this challenge on a daily basis. Which isn’t really a challenge at all. Simple, clean, totally decluttered and easy. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. I absolutely am trying to get more and more this way, and this lady is now my inspiration. As a marketer/brander, I am really reevaluating this employment, and am looking to put my skills to use in marketing environmental effectiveness, and lower-demand lifestyles. I’ve been having this budding desire, and lately it’s really blossomed. If any one’s in on it, we should talk and see what we can start to encourage this behavior to grow and grow.

  5. Bea,
    How did you approach the stores to arrange for bringing your own containers for transporting your purchases?

    I only have two stores near me that are major chains. They said absolutely no way. Although they said that I can bring in reusable grocery totes to cart my stuff out of the store. (I already do that) I tried to explain the concept but they wanted no part of it. I feel that the concept is to foriegn to them.

    What would be your suggestion as to bringing up the subject again? I thought about inquiring with the main office.

    I plan to reside in a tiny house and having very little trash is something I would like to embrace now. That way I will already have whittled down my kitchen to the basics. Besides, I am so concerned with the leeching from the plastics we get our foods in. Plus why should I end up with all of that plastic and cardboard trash, when all I want to do is have my food in glass and stainless steel containers. I have to pay again to have it removed from my house. It seems ridiculas.

    I have found a farmers market that is going to open this week end so I will get some dairy and vegatables there. The contact I spoke to about the location and time said “heck yeah” bring your own containers they will love the fact that they will not loose that small percent for containers. I was jazzed to say the least!

    Any way, If you have any suggestions please hit me with them.


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